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Business Opportunities

Qatar - Supply of Foam and Water Fire Fighting Vehicles

A tender has been issued in Qatar for form and Water fire fighting vehicles

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01.03.12 India – Full Body Truck Scanners

Urgent requirement to procure and install Full Body Truck Scanners which are capable of scanning standard cargo trucks loaded with goods including driver’s cabin.

01.03.12 Balkans - Further Enhancement of the Technical Capacity of Nuclear Regulatory Bodies - IPA

Technical assistance and supplies required for nuclear regulatory project in Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia and Serbia.

29.02.12 Cyprus - Aerial Forest-Firefighting Services

A tender worth 2 200 000,00 Euro (excluding VAT) has been issued for the hiring of aerial fire-fighting services to the Cyprus Government.

29.02.12 Montenegro - Strengthening Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety - IPA

Supplies required for nuclear safety and radiation protection project in Montenegro.

29.02.12 Bosnia and Herzegovina - Support to the Law Enforcement Infrastructure - IPA

Technical assistance, works and supplies required for police HQ building construction in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

28.02.12 Croatia - Upgrading of the Emergency Preparedness System - IPA

Technical assistance and supplies required for project preparing for emergency response in Croatia.

28.02.12 Kenya – Biometric Voter Registration Solution

Technological advancement is a key area of development for the country and a good investment opportunity for UK firms.

28.02.12 India - Counter Terrorism Operations Planning Tool and War-gaming System

Indian Defence and Security Request for Proposal (RFP)

22.02.12 USA - US Government Call for Technology to Combat Terrorism

The US Government has released a Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) looking for new technology in the fight against terrorism: IED, Surveillance, Countermeasures, and Support/Training.

21.02.12 Croatia - Upgrading the Capacities of the Reception Centre for Aliens - IPA

Technical assistance, supplies and works required for project in the field of illegal migration in Croatia.