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Services: Professional and Business

BIS is working with the professional and business services sector, as part of the Government’s Growth Agenda, to establish the priorities for government actions to support its growth, innovation and competitiveness over the next decade.

BIS has established the Services Policy Unit and as part of the Government’s Growth Agenda is working with the professional and business services sector to establish the priorities for government actions over the next decade. BIS published an interim report which was launched at a conference on 22 March.

The interim report "Professional and Business Services: a 2020 Vision for Growth" presents the results of BIS discussions and workshops with a range of businesses and trade associations from the sector. It considers the impacts and opportunities of key change drivers in global markets, information and communications technologies, climate change and sustainability and the growth of the emerging economies. It also looks at the implications for the Government’s future policymaking. This work builds on the Department’s earlier analysis in the “Supporting Innovation in Services” report, published in 2008. It also follows the 2009 report for HM Treasury of the Professional Services Global Competitiveness Group, chaired by Sir Michael Snyder. BIS would welcome reactions to the report. Please contact

The UK is a leader in the supply of professional and business services to markets worldwide. The brochure "The UK as a global hub of professional and business services", published on 22 March 2010, showcases the strength of the UK’s capability.

The services Policy Unit has a dedicated extranet site: Services Policy Forum For details of how you can access this site please contact Chris Tollady.

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