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Manufacturing and Materials Unit

About the work of the Manufacturing and Materials Unit, including the bi-monthly Hot Issues magazine.

The Manufacturing team of MM is responsible for manufacturing policy and strategy, Manufacturing Advisory Service (MAS) and regional manufacturing issues.

The Materials and Engineering team of MM is responsible for Relationship management of key companies in metals (steel and non-ferrous), process engineering, production machinery, and the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (including Materials UK). The section also co-ordinates work on Composites and Nanotechnology.

All of our unit news and success stories are recorded in our bi-monthly Hot Issues’ , Magazine. The current and past issues are available to download.

BIS Outreach programme

A new initiative from BIS whereby civil servants will undertake short placements in your organisation.

The programme aims to strengthen relationships and build credibility with our stakeholders.

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Talent Retention Solution

The Talent Retention Solution (TRS) aims to retain skills in the Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering Sector. It puts skilled engineers looking for work and companies searching for new employees in direct contact with each other.

Electronics, Materials, Chemicals and Product Regulation Team


  • Keith Hodgkinson
  • Head of Team
  • 020 7 215 1094

  • Mark Begbie
  • Electronics
  • 020 7 215 1813

  • Brian Greenwood
  • Materials
  • 020 7 215 1298

  • Mark Turner
  • Chemicals
  • 020 7 215 6465

  • Richard Lawson
  • Product Regulation
  • 020 7 215 1469

Minister responsible

Mark Prisk is the minister responsible for this policy area.