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  • Car industry

    See Automotive industry

  • Catapult Centres

    28 Feb 2012

  • Chemicals industry

    28 Feb 2012

    BIS's chemicals unit works with industry to promote productivity and competitiveness, and represents the interests of the UK chemicals (excluding pharmaceuticals), plastics and rubber processing industries in the development of government policy and regulation.

  • Clusters in the UK

    28 Feb 2012

    Clusters are geographic concentrations of inter-connected companies, specialised suppliers, service providers, firms in related industries, and associated institutions.

  • Combined Code

    See Corporate Governance

  • Companies Act 2006

    See Company and Partnership law

  • Company and Partnership law

    28 Feb 2012

    Information on the law governing the establishment and operation of limited companies and partnerships - including Limited Partnerships and Limited Liability Partnerships (LLPs). Includes current policy developments, the implementation and evaluation of the Companies Act 2006 and European company law.

  • Competition Matters

    28 Feb 2012

    Competitive markets provide the best means of ensuring that the economy's resources are put to their best use by encouraging enterprise and efficiency, and widening choice.

  • Construction

    28 Feb 2012

    BIS's construction sector unit works with industry and other stakeholders to deliver a marked improvement in business performance in construction in terms of productivity, profitability and competitiveness.

  • Consumer Issues

    28 Feb 2012

    We want to ensure that UK consumers are treated fairly, know their rights and can use them effectively, and that consumer law is fair to both consumers and business.

  • Consumer White Paper

    28 Feb 2012

    On 2nd July 2009 the previous Government published a consumer White Paper “A Better Deal for Consumers: Delivering Real Help Now and Change for the Future”.

  • Controlled Goods

    See Export Control Organisation

  • Corporate Governance

    29 Feb 2012

    Corporate Governance is the system by which companies are directed and controlled. It deals largely with the relationship between the constituent parts of a company - the directors, the board (and its sub-committees) and the shareholders.

  • Corporate responsibility

    See Sustainable development

  • Corruption, international

    See Trade policy

  • Cosmetics

    See Product safety

  • Criminal investigations and prosecutions

    28 Feb 2012

    One of BIS’s key aims is to deliver free and fair markets with greater competition for businesses, consumers and employees. The Criminal Investigations and Prosecutions team contributes to this aim by taking action to deter fraud.

  • Cyber Security


    BIS Cyber Security Team aims to enable growth of the UK cyber security sector and to embed good information security practice across the UK business community. We also help to ensure the key sectors and services which are important to the UK’s society, economy and general way of life are resilient to cyber threats.

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