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English Business Survey


The English Business Survey will provide Ministers and officials with information about the current economic and business conditions across England. By providing timely and robust information on a regular and geographically detailed basis, the survey will enhance officials’ understanding of how businesses are being affected throughout England and improve policy making by making it more responsive to changes in economic circumstances.

BIS has selected TNS-BMRB, an independent survey provider, to conduct the survey, covering approximately 3,000 businesses across England each month. BIS are conscious of burdens on business and therefore the survey is as light-touch as possible, being both voluntary and telephone-based, requiring only 11 to 12 minutes and has been designed to not require reference to any detailed information.

The survey will provide qualitative information across a range of important variables (e.g. output, capacity, employment, labour costs, output prices and investment), compared with three months ago and expectations for three months ahead.

The outputs of the survey should also be useful to businesses, providing valuable intelligence about local economic and business conditions.

The EBS is still in its infancy and therefore full quality assurance of the data is not yet possible.  Estimates from the survey have therefore been designated as Experimental Official Statistics.  Results should be interpreted with this in mind. 

Further Information

These documents provide information on the background of the survey.

 The 24 hour Pre-Release Access list for the EBS 24 hours can be found here

Published Edition

BIS and TNS-BMRB are also in the process of developing a reporting tool which will allow users more flexible access to the data. A link to the reporting tool will be added to this page once it is ready for use, which should be available in summer 2012. 

Outputs from the EBS, including the statistical first release and a set of data tables, are shown below:

Release Date Reference Month   Statistical Release  Data
28 Feb 2012  Dec 2011 Statistical First Release English Business Survey: December 2011 (PDF, 613 Kb)  Monthly data tables English business survey: December 2011 (XLS, 1.6 Mb) 
28 Feb 2012  Nov 2011   Monthly data tables English business survey: November 2011 (XLS, 1.6 Mb) 
28 Feb 2012  Oct 2011   Monthly data tables English business survey: October 2011 (XLS, 1.6 Mb) 


Future Release Dates

Data from the English Business Survey will be published on a monthly basis. We will announce publication of the data four weeks in advance.  We are working towards a regular publication cycle, however, due to the experimental nature of the data, the publication date for each month may initially vary.  Future publication dates will be added to the National Statistics Publication HUB

Contact Details

If you have any questions on the EBS please send us an email at: