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Finance and governance of Regional Development Agencies

Description of contributions of Government Departments to Single Budget, and allocation of that budget to RDAs.

This page sets out the finances that RDAs receive from central government.

The non-London RDAs are expected to be wound up by end-March 2012; and the LDA subsumed into the GLA during 2011-12. Therefore there has been a decrease in budget allocations from central government to RDAs.

The Spending Review 2010 Settlement gave the Regional Development Agencies (RDAs) Programme allocation, based on the latter’s net legal commitments as at end-September 2010, and allocation towards the RDAs’ Administration/Closure costs. The RDAs will still be financed through a Single Budget, a fund which pools money from all the contributing Government Departments (BIS, DCLG, Defra, DCMS and DECC). BIS is the sponsor Department.

The RDAs’ outturn for 2009–10, allocated budgets for 2010-11, and separate Programme and Administration budgets for 2011-12 are set out below: 

RDA £ million

£ million

£ million
£ million





Advantage West Midlands 296       171 89 11 
East of England
Development Agency
133  78  18 
East Midlands
Development Agency
161  94  34 
London Development
Agency 1
376  275  158  16 
North West Development
393 232 94 17
One North East 247 184 56 13
South East England
Development Agency
166 107 28 10
South West of England
Regional Development
156 128 34 11
Yorkshire Forward 320 173 94 11
Total (Single Budget)





1 The LDA has been given an additional one-off allocation of £43m towards transition costs.

Download the data from this table: Regional Development Agencies - Outturn Data 2005 to 2011 (CSV, 932 bytes) 

In addition to their Single Budget, the RDAs have been given resources of £2.5m for the first quarter of 2011-12 towards the management of the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and the Rural Development Programme for England (RDPE). From 1 July 2011, these programmes would be managed by DCLG and DEFRA respectively.

The budget for the non-London RDAs’ transition costs is being held centrally by BIS and would be allocated to them in-year when such costs are confirmed.


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