The Arts and Humanities Research Council [AHRC] supports world-class research that furthers our understanding of human culture and creativity.

From ancient history and heritage science to modern dance and digital content.

Research into these subjects helps us to interpret our experiences, probe our identities, interrogate our cultural assumptions and understand our historical, social, economic and political context. It adds to the economic success of the UK, through its contributions to the knowledge economy and innovation agenda. The research we fund can lead to improvements in social and intellectual capital, community identity, learning skills, technological evolution and the quality of life of the nation.

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Archaeologists discover Jordan’s earliest buildings

AHRC funded Archaeologists working in eastern Jordan have announced the discovery of 20,000-year-old hut structures, the earliest yet found in the Kingdom.

Research finds less than £1 a year per pupil is spent on R.E.

In a month where religion has been high up the public agenda, new research co-funded by the AHRC shows that this vital subject is at the bottom of the pile when it comes to educating our children with less than £1 per year spent on each pupil in school.

Welsh Language Scheme

Research Councils UK (RCUK) have prepared a draft Welsh Language Scheme, RCUK have issued the draft Scheme for public consultation which is open now.

AHRC supported computer game makes its budget back

Remake of AHRC supported computer game makes its budget back in just 6 hours.

£3.5m invested in projects

The AHRC invests over £3.5m in three projects that will support Communities and the Creative Economy.

Religion and society 

Muslims in England and Wales pass on faith to children at higher rates than Christians.

New €18 Million research funding opportunity

The AHRC, eighteen other European national funding organisations and the European Commission have just launched a new €18 Million research funding opportunity for arts and humanities academics on Cultural Encounters. Find out more about the call and register for UK information days.

AHRC launches new expanded International Placement Scheme 

The AHRC has launched an expanded international placement scheme for 2012 offering their researchers new opportunities to enhance their projects at research institutions in the USA, India and Japan. 

Digital R&D fund for arts and culture in Scotland announced

Expressions of Interest call for research team consortia announced aiming to support arts and cultural organisations across Scotland to work with digital technologies. 

Religion & Society programme launches Faith Debates

It's easier to talk about sex than religion in Britain today.  Religion hasn't gone away, but we've lost the ability to think seriously and critically about it without resorting to cliché and polemic.


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