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Higher education

  • Access to the professions

    28 Feb 2012

    How BIS is working with employers to widen access to the professions for under-represented groups.

  • Funding councils

    28 Feb 2012

    The UK's higher education funding councils distribute public money for teaching and research to universities and colleges in England, Wales and Scotland. Higher Education in Northern Ireland is funded through the The Department for Employment and Learning.

  • Higher education

    29 Feb 2012

    Britain's higher education is a major contributor to the economic success and social well being of the country. Higher education is a national asset, whose excellence in teaching and research is world recognised.

  • Joint International Unit

    28 Feb 2012

    The JIU plays a key role in taking forward the international agenda of the Department for Business, Innovation and Skills

  • Professional recruitment guide

    28 Feb 2012

    Our guide will help you, an employer of professional people, get the best person for each vacancy you advertise. This guidance reflects updated legislation.

  • Recognised UK degrees

    28 Feb 2012

    The United Kingdom (UK) has a well-deserved reputation world-wide for providing high quality and reputable higher education. There are 157 institutions in the UK that are permitted to award a wide variety of degrees to suit most educational aspirations. All these institutions have degree awarding powers recognised by the UK authorities (UK and Scottish Parliament, Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies). These and the other two main categories of institutions recognised to offer UK degrees are listed below.

  • Research Councils UK

    28 Feb 2012

    Research Councils UK (RCUK) is a strategic partnership between the seven UK Research Councils

  • Student finance

    28 Feb 2012

    The Government's plans for reforms to higher education and student finance will mean that universities continue to play a key role in promoting social mobility as well as economic growth. The new reforms will offer a more generous package of financial support for students from low income backgrounds to go to university.

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