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Transparency data

Transparency data

BIS is committed to providing the public with information on the performance and productivity of the Department. We are also committed to releasing the data underlying BIS reports and publications to enable and encourage innovative re-use.

The Government is committed to setting new standards for transparency so the public can more easily see how and where taxpayers’ money is being spent and hold politicians, Government Departments and public bodies to account.

The Prime Minister has asked all Government Departments to publish a wide range of information about how it meets and measures its objectives and uses its resources to better deliver value for money and reduce the deficit.

The Department for Business Innovation and Skills, along with its partner organisations, already publishes some data and supports greater transparency of public information.

On these pages we will publish regularly updated information in an easily accessible format. More information will be added as the pages are developed in line with the criteria set out by the Prime Minister:

  • Quarterly data summary (QDS) - provides the latest data on indicators included in the Departmental Business Plan
  • Financial data - will be released on a monthly basis and includes data such as all items of expenditure over £500
  • Staff data - includes organogram, staff pay data, and gifts and hospitality data
  • Sustainability - includes data on BIS gas and electricity usage
  • Partners - links to partner sites' transparency datasets or pages
  • Report data - underlying data from BIS reports and publications
  • Apps - innovative uses of BIS data
  • Supply2Gov data - procurement contract data from the closed Supply2Gov website 

There is also information about our transparency consultation (now closed)

Further links to Government-wide data can be found on the central site at

You may also be interested in our Freedom of Information disclosures carrying Information released under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. And we publish monthly updates on BIS actions against our Business Plan.

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At the Number 10 website you can see transparency information from across Government. is a list of open government data catalogues from around the world.

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For general enquiries about BIS or the BIS website, please use our contact page.

If you have a question about one of the datasets published in this section, or would like to request a particular dataset, please contact

Before contacting us, please check the list of all available BIS data.

If you would like to request information under the Freedom of Information Act, please see our Freedom of Information page.