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Our Business Plan includes nine coalition priorities based around four themes:

Secure an economy that is more dynamic and more balanced between public and private sectors and between regions

1. Rebalance the economy across sectors

Ensure new businesses and economic opportunities are more evenly shared, supporting growth and a low-carbon economy

2. Rebalance the economy across regions

Enable local authorities and businesses to determine the development strategies for their local area, in ways that support economic growth and help to rebalance the economy

3. Safeguard the future of Royal Mail and the Post Office

Secure the future of the universal postal service and create a sustainable future for Royal Mail and the Post Office network

Safeguard the UK's long term growth by promoting skills and by turning knowledge to commercial use

4. Build an internationally competitive skills base

Create a dynamic and efficient skills system with informed, empowered learners and employers served by responsive colleges and other providers in their areas

5. Support universities, science and research in building a strong, innovative economy

Establish a higher education, science and research framework that promotes world-class competitiveness in teaching and research. Ensure progression, fair access and better quality for students. Strengthen links between universities and industries and support innovation and technology development

Stimulate enterprise and trade to drive the rebalancing and private sector growth we want to see

6. Boost enterprise and make this the decade of the entrepreneur

Help small and medium-sized businesses start and thrive through better business support, improved access to finance and stronger competition, with fewer market barriers to entry, creating a more entrepreneurial culture

7. Stimulate exports and inward investment

Promote open and fair global markets, improve UK Trade & Investment‘s focus on generating high-value inward investment, and strengthen the capability of UK exporters

Remove government as an obstacle to growth while ensuring responsible corporate behaviour

8. Create a positive business environment

Create a business environment that supports long term investment and sustainable growth, reducing regulation, creating more flexible labour markets, reforming corporate governance and ensuring that intellectual property laws promote commercial innovation

9. Protect and empower consumers

Strengthen consumer protections, especially for the most vulnerable, and promote more responsible corporate and consumer behaviour through greater transparency and by harnessing insights from behavioural economics and social psychology

Cymraeg (Welsh)