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About BIS

The Department for Business, Innovation and Skills (BIS) is making a difference by supporting sustained growth and higher skills across the economy. BIS: working together for growth

Growth is the Government’s top priority and every part of Government is focused on it. But we need to grow differently.

Growth must be sustainable, shared and balanced – across the country and between sectors of the economy. 

There is a clear and active role for Government to create the conditions for the private sector to grow and remove unnecessary barriers that can stifle growth.

And there is a strong role for BIS, as the Department for Growth, in enabling this.

Almost everything that BIS does – from investing in skills to making markets more dynamic and reducing regulation, and from promoting trade to boosting innovation and helping people start and grow a business – helps drive growth.

Creating the best conditions for private sector growth

We don’t think Government has all the answers. That’s why BIS and Treasury set up the Growth Review in November 2010.

The Growth Review invites business to take part in a fundamental assessment of what each part of Government is doing to create the best conditions for private sector growth. It is a rolling programme that will last the lifetime of this Parliament.

The outcomes of the initial phase of the Growth Review were announced in the Plan for Growth as part of Budget 2011.

The Plan for Growth is based around four overarching ambitions for the British economy. It outlines a package of measures to support private sector investment, enterprise and innovation.

The second phase of the Growth Review is now under way, focusing on six key themes to help create the right conditions for business to start up, invest, grow and create jobs.

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