Get Britain Trading

The Forum of Private Business is today launching its headline Get Britain Trading 2012 campaign to celebrate small businesses and recognise the barriers they face at an event in the House of Commons. As a leading, not-for-profit small business organisation … Continue reading

Getting paid on time

Getting paid. It’s your fundamental right for goods and services rendered; it’s the basis of our whole way of life and everything which makes doing business possible would collapse without it. Not paying, of course, is simply not acceptable. Late … Continue reading

What brings cash – finance fitness

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to look at how we go forward into 2012 – and if you run a business, especially at the moment, you’re probably thinking about how you can succeed and develop. … Continue reading

Giving consumers the midata touch

  We all like a good deal. It’s particularly important now when we’re all feeling our wallets squeezed. And especially in the run up to Christmas. But sometimes it’s hard to know whether we’re getting a bargain or being ripped-off. … Continue reading

The next generation of manufacturers

This Department is leading the See Inside Manufacturing campaign, which sees 100s of manufacturers opening their doors to young people. I have no doubt that seeing our wonderful British companies in action will fire the imaginations and capture the hearts … Continue reading

Balancing the rulebook of employment law

Try sitting in a meeting of business people and mention employment law and tribunals. Everyone has an opinion and it’s like throwing a steak into a pool of piranhas. The reason for this strength of opinion is that it reflects the … Continue reading

Business, social enterprise and the Big Society

Last Monday I had the daunting privilege of being a judge for the Big Venture Challenge. Our task was to help find 25 of the most promising and scaleable social enterprises in England, the prize being a very attractive package … Continue reading

Working together with small businesses

The last 18 months have been tremendously busy, sometimes unsettling, but also increasingly productive. We are getting to grips with the things that matter to small firms – tax, regulation, finance and support – and working hard to get a … Continue reading


A plan for growth in the knowledge economy

We have no option. If the UK is going to build a lasting recovery and secure sustainable economic growth then we need to understand, and fully back our knowledge economy. This is the key conclusion of our two year commission … Continue reading

Mark Prisk

Business and big ideas.

For my first post on the BIS blog, I want to give you an insight into my work yesterday, speaking with local businesses and civic leaders in the South of England and visiting Reading University during Universities Week. In Portsmouth … Continue reading