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Get Britain Trading

27 February | BIS Blogs

The Forum of Private Business is today launching its headline Get Britain Trading 2012 campaign to celebrate small businesses and recognise the barriers they face at an event in the House of Commons. As a leading, not-for-profit small business organisation … Continue reading

Enabling a culture of innovation

24 February | Public Sector Innovation

On Monday I asked whether changing culture is easier said than done.  On Wednesday I set out three ways of seeing organisations. In my final blog today I suggest possible ways to make use of these insights in enabling culture change. Even the … Continue reading

Challenge yourself and reap rewards of community buying

21 February | BIS Blogs

  In our economy, it probably comes as no surprise that co-operative buying, whether informal with friends or crowd-sourcing online, is a growing trend among consumers. Our research shows that almost 20% of people are buying co-operatively and with household … Continue reading

Tim Whitehill gets mentoring

14 February | BIS Blogs

I’ve always thought about mentoring and when I spotted the Get Mentoring scheme I instantly knew it was something I wanted to get involved in. I think real experience of making difficult decisions in challenging situations is invaluable to another … Continue reading

Getting paid on time

6 February | BIS Blogs

Getting paid. It’s your fundamental right for goods and services rendered; it’s the basis of our whole way of life and everything which makes doing business possible would collapse without it. Not paying, of course, is simply not acceptable. Late … Continue reading

What brings cash – finance fitness

1 February | BIS Blogs

With the start of a new year comes the opportunity to look at how we go forward into 2012 – and if you run a business, especially at the moment, you’re probably thinking about how you can succeed and develop. … Continue reading

Science and the Olympics – faster, stronger, smarter

26 January | BIS Blogs

  Science has played a part in every major British endeavour and the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games are no exception. As well as galvanising our sporting expertise, the Games bring together some of our very best scientists and … Continue reading

Chain Reactions: growing business between social enterprise and corporates

21 December | Public Sector Innovation

It is social enterprise conference season, and one of the subjects du jour seems to be “how social enterprises can better engage with corporates”. I’ve sat on two panels recently that have discussed this area in all its various component parts: … Continue reading

(Re)Constructing success: a way forward for the Green Investment Bank?

19 December | BIS Blogs

As the Green Investment Bank (GIB) moves towards operational activity, the team is designing a strategy and guiding principles.  There is much to learn from the experience of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), whose mandate was, and … Continue reading

A Great Year for Science and Innovation

8 December | BIS Blogs

Today we launched the Innovation and Research Strategy for Growth, a multi-million pound package setting out the Government’s plans to boost economic growth through investment in research and innovation. One of the highlights is £75 million of new investment to … Continue reading

Green investment news

6 December | BIS Blogs

My last blogs have given you all a briefing on the initial preparation stages of bringing to fruition the vision for the Green Investment Bank – I will try to respond directly to the series of interesting comments soon – … Continue reading

PAS2011 Twitter Wordle Cloud

9 May | Science and Public Attitudes

There have been a number of twitter discussions going on over the last week since the survey’s publication. There are more detailed posts to follow but I thought I’d link to the wordle.net cloud I produced in the meantime.