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Business people looking at a laptop

Business people looking at a laptop

Overseas Business Risk

Political and economic developments, cyber risks, bribery and corruption …these are some of the issues your business could face when you begin to trade overseas or expand into fresh markets.

UK Trade & Investment and the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) have brought together authoritative, accessible and topical information on countries, and the key issues related to the political, economic and business security environments.

This can help you identify these risks, understand more about them – and guard effectively against them. By helping you manage the risks of doing business overseas and go with your eyes open, it can help you succeed…safely.

Country Advice

Country-by-country information is available

Bribery Act 2010

Guidance is on the Overseas Business Risk bribery and corruption pages.

FCO travel advice

For the latest on Bahrain, Egypt Japan, Libya, Syria, Yemen and other countries visit FCO travel advice.

Cyber Security

The Government Strategy is here to help you Get Safe Online

City skyline at night

City skyline at night

City skyline at night

Bribery & corruption

Overseas Business Risk brings you advice on laws, rules and the dangers of bribery and corruption.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Terrorism threat

This is where you can access information on terrorism levels and the measures in place to prevent terrorist activities in countries.

Chain link fence

Chain link fence

Chain link fence

Protecting Your Business

Learn about the range of security measures to protect your business interests overseas against potential threats including terrorism, espionage, and cyber, information, physical, and personnel security.

Image GCHQ

Image GCHQ

Image GCHQ

Protecting and promoting the UK in a digital world

The Government has published its new Cyber Security Strategy. For more information:

See the press release on the BIS website

Visit the Cyber Security pages on the BIS website


Overseas Business Risk - Yemen

Information on key security and political risks which UK businesses may face when operating in Yemen.   More

People looking at designs

People looking at designs

People looking at designs

Intellectual property

Your business’s Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio may be your most valuable asset – so check our IP page for advice and information on safeguarding your original creations from security risks.

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