About us


Information about Ofsted can be found under the Who we are and what we do section. This includes information about the types of services we inspect and regulate, why we do what we do, and the priorities and values that drive our work. This section also contains information about who we work with and who carries out the different aspects of our inspection and regulatory work.

You can find out more about our staff through the staff organogram, and find out details of staff pay. This information can also be found on data.gov.uk.

Under Working for Ofsted we have included information about what it is like to work for the organisation, what vacancies we have, and how to apply for these positions.

The How we are structured section sets out information about the role and responsibilities of Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector (HMCI), and how HMCI is supported by an Executive Board and the Ofsted Board. We have provided biographical information about our Executive Board and Ofsted Board members with details about their areas of responsibility and their interests. 

Board papers and minutes are also available in this section, as well as our corporate governance framework and details of future scheduled Board meetings.

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