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Consultation means we listen carefully to the users of the services we inspect and regulate, and to all of our other stakeholders.

Your views are crucial in helping us understand your priorities and concerns, and helping us understand where we need to focus our work, what is going well – and what isn’t.

In this section, you can find out about current, past and future consultations. It is important that you know about our consultations in advance, as well as being able to see what Ofsted has been consulting on, and what will happen as a result of that consultation.

To take part in our current consultations, go to the Current consultations page on the left. To see results of past consultations, go to the Closed consultations page on the left. To find out about future consultations, go to the Future consultations page on the left

Ofsted’s Consultation Promise

All consultations will:

  • be used to help us work more effectively and shape our policies and procedures
  • provide clear information and be accessible to all
  • give adequate time for people to respond
  • use a variety of informative and engaging methods, tailored for our audience
  • be finished with published results and reports which make clear what impact your views have had on our service
  • be monitored so we can see how well our consultation methods are working.

Our Involvement strategy sets out how we will promote and encourage the involvement of children and young people, parents and carers, learners, employers and other interested parties to help us improve our work and in all we do.

If you have any comments or queries about the consultation section, email or use the Contact Us link, above. 

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