Videos and podcasts

Videos and podcasts are a new development for us. We will use them to tell you about aspects of good practice from our work in inspection and regulation. They will come with transcripts to download.

Our videos and podcasts are divided into two types.

  • Videos to watch online
  • Podcasts to download

For further information, see below.

If you are looking for a video or podcast, use the advanced resources search.


You can watch a video online by clicking on its link. It will take you to a page with a mediaplayer; the video should start playing automatically, but there may be a delay depending on internet traffic.


A podcast is a downloadable video or audio file. The video podcast will be in wmv or mp4 format. The audio podcast will be in mp3 format. Wmv and mp3 are standard formats, so if you click on a file it should start playing using your computer’s default mediaplayer. For mp4 you will need to have a suitable mediaplayer like the Quicktime player, or add the file to your podcast service; for example iTunes.

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