Investment in Highways Transport Schemes

Publisher:Department for Transport
Publication type:Report
Published date: 26 October 2010
Mode/topic:Roads, Road management


Transport is integral to Britain’s economy. Without it, workers cannot reach work, businesses cannot reach clients and goods cannot reach markets. 83% of goods in the UK travel by road, with two thirds of those journeys on the strategic road network.

A functioning transport system is therefore essential to the proper operation of Britain’s economy. Congestion is a drag on businesses and on our international competitiveness at a time when competitiveness is vital to securing economic growth and job creation. Poor infrastructure discourages foreign investment, particularly in the increasing part of the manufacturing sector where just in time manufacturing is the dominant model.

As the Chancellor stated in the October 2010 Spending Review announcement, the Government is determined to invest money in areas such as transport, science and green energy, as these will help ensure that the economy is broadly based and less susceptible to failures in one sector. It is with this in mind that transport spending has been prioritised as one of the main areas of capital investment over the next four years.

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