Corporate reports

Multi-agency public protection arrangements (MAPPA)

The Criminal Justice Act 2003 requires local criminal justice agencies working in partnership to make arrangements to assess and manage the risk posed by sexual and violent offenders in their area.

These arrangements are known as MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements). The Act also requires them to publish an annual report setting out how the arrangements are working in their area.

For the annual publication presenting the number of MAPPA eligible offenders in England and Wales overall, and information related to these offenders see:

MAPPA annual report

The following reports cover the period 1 April 2010 to 31 March 2011

Avon and Somerset (PDF 0.27mb 9 pages)

Bedfordshire (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

Cambridgeshire (PDF 0.26mb 9 pages)

Cheshire (PDF 0.0.44mb 10 pages)

Cumbria (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Derbyshire (PDF 0.28mb 9 pages)

Devon and Cornwall (PDF 0.25mb 8 pages)

Dorset (PDF 0.20mb 10 pages)

Durham (PDF 0.25mb 8 pages)

Dyfed Powys (PDF 0.28mb 9 pages)

Essex (PDF 0.40mb 9 pages)

Gloucestershire (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

Greater Manchester (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

Gwent (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

Hampshire (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Hertfordshire (PDF 0.25mb 9 pages)

Humberside (PDF 0.26mb 9 pages)

Kent (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Lancashire (PDF 0.28mb 12 pages)

Leicestershire (PDF 0.27mb 8 pages)

Lincolnshire (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

London (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Merseyside (PDF 0.23mb 10 pages)

Norfolk (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Northamptonshire (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Northumbria (PDF 0.30mb 9 pages)

North Wales (PDF 0.31mb 8 pages)

North Wales (Welsh language) (PDF 0.29mb 9 pages)

North Yorkshire (PDF 0.35mb 9 pages)

Nottinghamshire (PDF 0.28mb 9 pages)

South Wales (PDF 0.33mb 9 pages)

South Yorkshire (PDF 0.49mb 9 pages)

Staffordshire (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

Suffolk (PDF 0.25mb 9 pages)

Surrey (PDF 0.22mb 9 pages)

Sussex (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

Teesside (PDF 0.29mb 9 pages)

Thames Valley (PDF 0.28mb 9 pages)

Warwickshire (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

West Mercia (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

West Midlands (PDF 0.24mb 9 pages)

West Yorkshire (PDF 0.32mb 9 pages)

Wiltshire (PDF 0.23mb 9 pages)

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