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First-tier Tribunal

The First–tier Tribunal comprises six chambers:

The General Regulatory Chamber
Alternative Business Structures
Claims Management Services
Consumer Credit
Estate Agents
Gambling Appeals
Immigration Services
Information Rights
Local Government Standards in England

Health, Education and Social Care Chamber
Care Standards
Mental Health
Special Educational Needs & Disability
Primary Health Lists

Immigration and Asylum Chamber
Immigration and Asylum

Social Entitlement Chamber
Asylum Support
Criminal Injuries Compensation
Social Security and Child Support

Tax Chamber
MP Expenses

War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation Chamber
War Pensions and Armed Forces Compensation

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Upper Tribunal

The Upper Tribunal comprises four chambers:

The Administrative Appeals Chamber
Upper Tribunal (Administrative Appeals)

The Immigration and Asylum Chamber
Upper Tribunal (Immigration and Asylum)

The Lands Chamber
Upper Tribunal (Lands)

The Tax and Chancery Chamber
Upper Tribunal (Tax and Chancery)

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Other Tribunals

Adjudicator to HM Land Registry
Agricultural Land
Employment Appeal
Gender Recognition Panel
Reserve Forces Appeal
Residential Property Tribunal Service
Special Immigration Appeals Commission

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