Local Sustainable Transport Fund

Successful bids and guidance on the application process

Publisher:Department for Transport
Publication type:Instructional
Published date: 19 January 2011
Modified date: 25 October 2011
Mode/topic:Local authorities, Sustainable travel

In the first round of bidding for the Local Sustainable Transport Fund the Department received 73 bids from across England. In the second round of bidding, the Department received 41 Expressions of Interest for Tranche 2 and 19 Initial Proposals for Large Projects. The deadline for short-listed Large Project business cases is 20 December 2011, and the deadline for Tranche 2 bids is 24 February 2012. Decisions regarding the 73 bids received for Tranche 1 and Key Components can be found below.

Successful bid recipients and bidders


Large projects


Guidance and application form


LSTF workshops

Materials from the department’s programme of workshops with local authorities.

Tranche 2 – October 2011


Tranche 1 – February 2011


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