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PAYE online filing for employers

Understanding and using PAYE Online for employers An overview of the different ways to file online, and an outline of the steps involved in filing your forms and returns online.

Employer deadlines for filing PAYE online The dates from which employers must file key PAYE forms online, including the Employer Annual Return (P35 and P14s), P45 and P46.

How to register for PAYE OnlineA step-by-step guide to the registration process, covering how long it takes and the information you need to have to hand.

File your Employer Annual Return online: P35 and P14s All you need to know about completing your end-of-year PAYE return, and the requirement for almost all employers to file it online.

File your PAYE in-year forms online: P45, P46, etc Online filing during the year - when employees start and leave, when you start paying a pension, more.

Full list of PAYE forms you can send or receive online An overview of the PAYE forms that HMRC's online filing service lets you send and receive over the Internet.

EDI filing for large employersHow to get started with Electronic Data Interchange - an online filing system suitable primarily for the largest of employers.

PAYE Online login pageRegister for or use the 'PAYE Online for employers' service now.