Child Benefit claim form

Before you start

Check you have the latest version of Adobe Reader

You must have Adobe Reader version 8.0 or later installed on your computer before you can view and print the Child Benefit claim form. The form won't work with other PDF viewing software, such as Mac Preview.

Download Adobe Reader from the Adobe website (Opens new window)

Turn on the 'Highlight Fields' option

Turn on the 'Highlight Fields' option at the top right of the claim form. This will help you spot any missing information you need to provide when you come to print it off.

What you need to send to the Child Benefit Office

Send both of the following with your claim form:

  • the birth or adoption certificate for each child you're claiming for - if you don't have it, still send your claim form back
  • the last page of the claim form which shows your name and address - the Child Benefit Office will use this to return your birth or adoption certificates

You can send either the long or short versions of the certificates.

Get the Child Benefit form

Get a Child Benefit claim form to fill in on screen and print out (PDF 909K)

If you have any problems completing the form on screen, you can call the Child Benefit Helpline.

Contact details for the Child Benefit Helpline

For people who advise others - bulk ordering

It's not possible to download blank copies of the Child Benefit claim form. The form can only be printed out once completed. If you're an adviser or intermediary you can request bulk copies by fax, on headed notepaper, on 01355 264 914

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