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About ExtantWoman

Charli Hamlin (soon to be Charli Blackman) is a busy mom who created a blog about her struggles with food addiction and emotional eating. She shares her spiritual journey of discovering that, despite countless worldly attempts, only God can guide her in overcoming the stronghold that, for so many years, has consumed her life. She candidly shares her personal and transparent journey of finding balance and returning to God’s plan for healthy living. Charli is a returning student at the University of Texas Brownsville seeking her BA in Early Childhood Education. She enjoys painting, writing, music and the beautiful beaches of South Padre Island.

Recent posts

  • Suh-weet! This no sugar thing is working! Between eating right and my workouts, I can feel such a difference...
  • I guess I just can’t get enough studying…even when it’s not required. lol I spent...
  • I began my journey back in February and I have had many victories and a few disappointments along the...
  • Charli Hamlin is a busy mom who created a blog about her struggles with food addiction and emotional...

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