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Continuing your professional development

As a teacher, you can take charge of your professional development to further enhance your career and improve your quality of teaching and impact in the classroom.

Professional development consists of reflective activity designed to improve an individual's attributes, knowledge, understanding and skills. It supports individual needs and improves professional practice.

The national CPD database can provide further guidance on continuing your professional development. You can use the tools to search for relevant professional development opportunities and resources amongst thousands that are currently published.

There are many academic and job-based sources of professional development you can choose from, depending on your career stage and preference, as summarised in the below diagram:

Diagram showing sources of professional development

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This section includes further details on just some of the options you have to further develop your career.

Early professional development

Early professional development

EPD makes a difference to your teaching practice in the early years of your career.

Postgraduate professional development

Postgraduate professional development

Find out more about PPD, which refers to study at masters level (Level 5) or above.

Science Additional Specialism Programme

Science Additional Specialism Programme

The SASP enables teachers without a degree or secondary ITT specialism in physics or chemistry to teach these subjects more effectively.

Mathematics Development Programme for Teachers

Mathematics Development Programme for Teachers

The MDPT enables teachers without a maths degree or ITT specialism to teach the subject more effectively.



Welcome to ‘My CPD’. Save time and access in one place, tools to develop your professional career, enhance your teaching quality and impact in the classroom.

CPD Database

Visit the CPD Database to search for relevant quality assured CPD opportunities, including those that are free or specific to your role.

CPD Zone
Teacher Development Hub

Visit the Teacher Development Hub to access evidence based research and resources to raise performance in the classroom.

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CPD Guidance

Want to know how to get the best out of yourself and others? Access our resources to understand what good CPD looks like, how to evaluate its impact and how to write a CPD policy.