Putting things right - how to make a complaint

The majority of your dealings with us will be routine and straightforward, and no problems will arise. However, mistakes and delays can occur from time to time, and sometimes you may feel unhappy with the way in which we have dealt with you. Whatever the problem is, we want you to let us know so that we can put matters right, if we can. Also, if we have got something wrong, or if your complaint shows that there is a problem with our procedures or our guidance, receiving your complaint will give us a chance to address this so that we can improve our service for all of our customers.

First steps

You should contact the person you have been dealing with at the Land Registry office concerned. They will do their best to put things right if they can. You can complain in person, on the phone, in writing (including email) and through our website.

You can find office details for addresses and telephone numbers on this site or you can telephone Customer Support on 0844 892 1111 (for an English-speaking service) or 0844 892 1122 (for a Welsh-speaking service). 0844 numbers are not premium call rate numbers. Call charges will vary depending on service provider, but as a guide callers using a standard BT tariff will pay three pence per minute plus VAT, with a maximum charge of five pence plus VAT applied.

What we do

We follow a standard procedure in dealing with complaints, so you can be sure that we will investigate your complaint fully and fairly. We promise that we will not discriminate against you for any reason and we will be impartial in investigating your complaint. We will also:

What if I am still unhappy?

If you have contacted the person you have been dealing with and are not happy with their response, please contact the local customer service manager (CSM) at the office concerned. The CSM will look into your complaint and involve other senior managers when appropriate. Your complaint, and how we have handled it, will be reviewed and you will be given a final decision. Depending on the nature of the complaint, our final response may come from the CSM, the land registrar (the most senior lawyer at a local office), the area manager or another senior manager.

Complaints about registration decisions

When a complaint is about a decision made by Land Registry based upon the laws under which we operate, this will be referred to the land registrar at the office concerned. A land registrar’s decision is final and can only be reviewed judicially. Judicial review is the traditional procedure through which you can seek to challenge the decision of a public body such as a government department. More information and guidance can be found on Her Majesty's Courts Service website at www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk.

Independent Complaints Reviewer

Once we have given you our final response, we will not normally engage in any further correspondence or contact with you regarding your complaint. Instead, if you remain dissatisfied after this, there is an Independent Complaints Reviewer (ICR) for Land Registry. The ICR’s role is to act as an honest broker in investigating complaints about Land Registry.

If you wish to refer your complaint to the ICR, please be aware the ICR can only consider complaints of:

The ICR will usually only investigate complaints that have been through our internal complaints procedure and a final response has been given.

The ICR cannot investigate certain complaints, these are summarised below.

For more information visit the ICR’s website at www.icrev.org.uk or you can email the ICR at enquiries@icr.gsi.gov.uk The ICR’s telephone number is 020 7930 0749. The ICR’s address is The Independent Complaints Reviewer, Dover House (Ground Floor), 66 Whitehall, London SW1A 2AU.


If you are not satisfied with Land Registry’s or the ICR’s handling of your complaint, you can ask an MP to refer your case to the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman.

For more information visit the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman website at www.ombudsman.org.uk or telephone their helpline on 0345 015 4033. Lines are open 8.30am to 5.30pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays.

The Ombudsman’s address is Millbank Tower, Millbank, London SW1P 4QP.