Harness the power of property data with Add Value Services

Businesses that verify their customer data against other sources are often able to add value to their customer relationships.

Land Registry's Add Value Services gives you valuable source information on individual properties and ownership, improving customer targeting, prolonging retention and increasing long-term revenue.

Providing the most accurate information on the market, we provide the latest property information in user-friendly formats, enabling you to improve your customer relationship management.

Our data verification services across a range of products provide solutions to your business needs, from a name that you can trust.

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Discover more about our Add Value Services below. You can also call our Add Value Team free on 0800 678 1678 or email us at commercial.services@landregistry.gsi.gov.uk.

Land management

Make fully informed land management decisions relating to property planning and ownership, quickly

Property Price

Access the latest, accurate,  property price information with our complete range of solutions.

Risk Management

Reduce your liabilities and make data management more efficient with Risk Management Service Solutions

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