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Land Registry's House Price Index is the most accurate independent house price index available. Using our data set of completed sales, it is the only index based on repeat sales. It includes figures at national, regional, county and London borough level.

You can search the index for average house prices in any area of England and Wales for any range of months since January 1995. A price index for the area (set at 100 on January 1995) will also be shown. You can also compare any two areas.

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HPI News - November 2011

The November data shows that London is again the only region in England and Wales to experience an increase in its average property value over the last 12 months with a movement of +1.4 per cent. The North East experienced the greatest annual price fall of -5.4 per cent.  

Press release

November house prices up 0.3 per cent since October: average house price in England and Wales now £160,780 (30 December 2011)

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HPI reportYou can download our monthly report, showing the headline statistics, average price changes by area and sales volumes. This report is available in Adobe's pdf format.

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