Practice guides

Land Registry practice guides are mainly intended for conveyancers and cover a range of topics on land registration practice and procedures. They are designed to assist solicitors and conveyancers to process transactions.

Further guidance material is available in the Education and training section on this website.

* Updated to reflect the Land Registration (Amendment) Rules 2011

LRPG001  First registrations * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG002  First registration of title where deeds have been lost or destroyed * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG003  Cautions against first registration * 01/10/2011 html icon
LRPG004  Adverse possession of registered land * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG005  Adverse possession of
(1) unregistered land
(2) registered land where a right to be registered was acquired before 13 October 2003 *
01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG006  Devolution on the death of a registered proprietor * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG007  Entry of price paid or value stated on the register * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG008  Execution of deeds * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG009  Powers of attorney and registered land * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG010  Official searches of the Index Map * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG011  Inspection and applications for official copies * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG012  Official searches and outline applications * 01/10/2011 
LRPG013  Official searches of the index of relating franchises and manors * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG014  Charities * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG015  Overriding interests and their disclosure * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG016  Profits a prendre in gross * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG017  Souvenir land * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG018  Franchises * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG019  Notices, restrictions and the protection of third party interests in the register * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG020  Applications under the Family Law Act 1996 * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG021  Using transfer forms for less straightforward transactions 01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG022  Manors 01/03/2010 Adobe PDF
LRPG024  Private trusts of land * 01/10/2011 html icon
LRPG025  Leases – when to register 01/07/2011 HTML Format
LRPG026  Leases – determination * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG027  The Leasehold Reform Legislation * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG028  Extension of leases * 01/11/2011 HTML Format
LRPG029  Registration of legal charges and deeds of variation of charge * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG030  Approval of mortgage documentation 01/04/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG031  Discharges of charges * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG032  Applications affecting one or more Land Registry office 01/04/2011 html
LRPG033  Large scale applications (calculation of fees) 01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG034  Personal insolvency 01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG035  Corporate insolvency * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG036  Administration and Receivership 01/10/2005 Adobe PDF
LRPG037  Objections and disputes – A guide to Land Registry practice and procedures 01/07/2011 HTML Format
LRPG038  Costs * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG039  Rectification and indemnity * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG040  Land Registry plans : A summary of Land Registry plans records, Pre-registration requirements, Other plans related services 01/10/2005 Adobe PDF
LRPG041  Developing estates - registration services 01/08/2010 HTML Format
LRPG041-S1  Developing estates - registration services - Supplement 1 - Estate boundary approval 01/08/2011 HTML Format
LRPG041-S2  Developing estates - registration services - Supplement 2 -Estate plan approval 01/08/2011 HTML Format
LRPG041-S3  Developing estates - registration services - Supplement 3 Approval of draft transfers and leases * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG041-S4  Developing estates - registration services - Supplement 4 Plot sales - transfers and leases 01/11/2009 HTML Format
LRPG041-S5  Developing estates - registration services - Supplement 5 Detailed plan requirements and surveying specifications - guidance for surveyors 01/11/2011 HTML Format
LRPG041-S6  Developing estates - registration services - Supplement 6 Voluntary application to note overriding interests 01/08/2010 HTML Format
LRPG042  Upgrading the class of title * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG043  Applications in connection with court proceedings, insolvency and tax liability 01/02/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG044  Fax facilities * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG045  Receiving and replying to notices by email 01/10/2003 HTML Format
LRPG046  Land Registry forms * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG047  Transfers of public housing estates * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG048  Implied covenants * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG049  Return and rejection of applications for registration 01/01/2010 Adobe PDF
LRPG050  Requisition and cancellation procedures * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG051  Areas served by Land Registry Offices 01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG052  Easements claimed by prescription * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG054  Acquisition of land by general vesting declaration under the Compulsory Purchase (Vesting Declarations) Act 1981 * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG055  Address for service * 01/10/2011 html
LRPG056  Formal apportionment and redemption of a rent or a rentcharge that affects a registered estate * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG057  Exempting documents from the general right to inspect and copy * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG058  Land Registry’s Welsh Language Scheme – register format 01/07/2008 Adobe PDF
LRPG059  Receiving and replying to requisitions by email 01/08/2004 html
LRPG060  Commonhold * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG061  Telephone Services (credit account
holders only)
01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG062  Easements 01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG063   Land Charges - Applications for registration, official search, office copy and cancellation 01/05/2011 HTML Format
LRPG064  Prescribed clauses leases * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG065  Registration of mines and minerals * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG066  Overriding interests losing automatic protection in 2013 * 01/10/2011 Adobe PDF
LRPG067  Evidence of identity – conveyancers * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG068  Amending deeds that effect dispositions of registered land * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG069  Islamic financing 01/10/2010 HTML Format
LRPG070  Nil-rate band discretionary trusts * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG071  Electronic services * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG072  Development schemes 01/02/2011 HTML Format
LRPG073  Statements of truth * 01/10/2011 HTML Format
LRPG074 Searches of the index of proprietors’ names 01/09/2011 HTML Format