South East England Development Agency is Closing on March 31, 2012

The Government has announced that all Regional Development Agencies (RDAs), including SEEDA, will close by 31 March 2012.

Responsibility for economic development and regeneration in England is being passed onto successor bodies, including Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and central Government departments

Our objective is to ensure a professional and cost effective closure by this date.  We have pledged to work closely with our partners, contractors and stakeholders to ensure that the past and future economic benefits of key programmes and assets continue to deliver the greatest economic value for the South East and value for money for the taxpayer. 

Please click here for more details about our closure plan, transition arrangements and successor organisations.

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The South East Partnership for the London 2012 Games

Our vision is to encourage and inspire world-class performance - creating a positive legacy for every young person, business and community in the South East.southeast partnership logo


"The Partnership in the South East has already secured a huge legacy for the region as a result of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games being hosted in London. Our businesses have won over 1000 contracts that are worth more than £1bn to the economy. We have 3 official Olympic and Paralympic Venues, and 38 training camp agreements in place - each of these bring in revenue to the local area as well as showcasing elite sport and engaging with local communities. We are also delighted that the Olympic Torch Relay will spend so much time in the region and that the Paralympic Torch will be celebrated in such a spectacular way at Stoke Mandeville Stadium. All this gives our communities a great chance to be directly involved in the London 2012 Games!"

Oona Muirhead – LOCOG Nations and Regions Member for the South East and Chair of the South East Partnership

Achieving our vision
The South East programme is founded on three outcomes that make up the ‘Triple Gold’ strategy. They are:

Economic – an economic legacy through creating and promoting new market opportunities in tourism, the promotion of Pre Games Training Camps and the cultural, creative and sporting industries, as well as the significant procurement opportunities in the run up to the Games through the online tendering system CompeteFor. 

Social – a cultural, social, educational, skills and volunteering legacy through the creation of opportunities for communities to promote their cultural offer within the UK and overseas, and for individuals to gain new skills – particularly those relevant to the new markets being stimulated though the 2012 Games. 

Sport – a sport and health legacy, including a healthier workforce through creating and promoting 2012 related opportunities for people to improve work/lifestyle balance.

Planning and delivery
Led by the South East England Development Agency (SEEDA), the South East Partnership for the London 2012 Games (SEP) was formed to deliver a sporting, cultural, social and economic legacy for the South East.

How will we do this?

  • We will build on our regional business and environmental strengths, our visitor economy and our position as the UK’s Gateway region, to achieve significant economic added value during the run up to the 2012 Games and beyond.
  • We will harness our intellectual capacity, skills and talents to deliver an outstanding welcome to the world. In so doing, we will showcase the South East’s ideas and cultural offer.
  • We will use Olympic and Paralympic values to achieve a lasting cultural, social, environmental and economic legacy, particularly for those who are most excluded. We will also improve mental and physical health as a result of increased levels of sports participation and physical activity.

The key partners in delivering our vision are:

SEEDA; Sport England South East; Tourism South East; Arts Council England South East; the Government Office for the South East; Skills Funding Agency, NHS; Local Authorities and LOCOG.

Contact information

Karen Lacey – Nations & Regions Co-ordinator, South East

Lindsey Horton – Pre Games Training Camp Manager for the South East