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Our species browser allows you to search profiles of plants & fungi in four simple ways. Click on the dropdown below, make your selection, hit GO and the results will be displayed. To try again, hit RESET. You can browse:

  • By theme: including plant groups, e.g. Orchids, uses, e.g. Medicinal and key families Kew works with e.g. Legume family.
  • By family
  • By name or genus: this can be the common name, e.g. poppy or scientific/Latin name, e.g. Papaver rhoeas, or part of a word, e.g. Papav will still return the Papaver rhoeas.
  • By A-Z: scroll through the pages of thumbnails using the pagination at the bottom of the browser. If you would like to see the comprehensive A-Z page, click here.

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Abelia parvifolia
Schumann abelia

Abutilon ranadei
Ghanti Mudra

Acacia anegadensis

Acacia baileyana
Cootamundra wattle

Acacia karroo
sweet thorn

Acacia mangium
brown salwood

Acanthus syriacus
Syrian acanthus

Acer griseum
paperbark maple

Actinidia kolomikta
kolomikta vine

Aesculus indica
Indian horse chestnut

Agaricus arvensis
horse mushroom

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Aloe plicatilis - fan aloe

Fan aloe is an unusual, many-branched succulent with striking scarlet flowers and fan-like clusters of leaves.

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The winter flowering Cyclamen coum

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
09 Jan 2012

It is said that you can have a cyclamen in flower every month of the year and January belongs to the diminutive Cyclamen coum.

The holly and the ivy

by: Tony Hall, Arboretum team blog
20 Dec 2011

Tony Hall tells tales of holly folklore and describes the amazing variety of colour to be seen along Kew's historic Holly Walk.

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