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Flower of the night-flowering orchid Bulbophyllum nocturnum

World's first night-flowering orchid is discovered

Botanists from the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and the Netherlands Centre for Biodiversity Naturalis have described the first night-flowering orchid known to science on the island of New Britain, near Papua New Guinea.


Conserving British waxcap fungi

A Defra-funded project at Kew is working to find out how many waxcap species there are in Britain, and to improve methods for their identification. The results of this work should help conservationists to prioritise those species and sites which are most in need of further protection.


Join Kew experts on an expedition to Central America

Discover the remotest corners of Central America and the Caribbean with Kew scientists on a small expedition ship. An amazing discovery and adventure opportunity for members and Friends of Kew.


Specimen of Cladrastis kentukea

12 new flavonoids discovered in Kew tree

12 Jan 2012
In the 2011 International Year of Forests, scientists report the discovery of 12 compounds new to science in a tree growing at Kew Gardens.


The winter flowering Cyclamen coum

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
09 Jan 2012

It is said that you can have a cyclamen in flower every month of the year and January belongs to the diminutive Cyclamen coum.

Understanding colour for photographers

by: Philip Smith, International Garden Photographer blog
09 Jan 2012

Philip Smith shows you how your garden and plant photography can benefit from a richer understanding of  colour.

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