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Introducing the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens

by: Richard Kernick, Bonsai blog
10 Aug 2011

In his first post, Kew's resident bonsai specialist, Richard Kernick, introduces the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens. Find out more about the history of this unique collection, learn how the trees arrived at Kew and take a look behind the scenes.

The mysterious hanging diagrams of Museum No. 2

by: Caroline Cornish, Economic Botany blog
09 Aug 2011

One of Kew's PhD students investigates the beautiful posters that once hung in Kew's museums.

Summer Garden Flame by pallab seth, shared with Kew on Flickr

Highlights from Kew's 'Different world's' Photo Challenge

Throughout June and July 2011, we invited members of our 'Your Kew' and 'Natural Neighbourhood' Flickr groups to take part in our 'Different world's' Photo Challenge. Philip Smith, Director of the International Garden Photographer of the Year competition, picks his favourites.

Autumn treats in store

by: Christina Harrison, Kew magazine blog
09 Aug 2011

While we enjoy the end of summer, there's plenty to look forward to in autumn too - Kew's Arboretum is renowned for its colour and for its 'champions'.

An eye for the weather

by: Philip Smith, International Garden Photographer blog
04 Aug 2011

Philip Smith, organiser of International Garden Photographer of the Year, discusses how the weather is an integral part of good garden and plant photography.

Summer in the Alpine House

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
03 Aug 2011

The main flowering season for alpine plants is spring, but there are many mountain plants that flower in summer. You can see plenty of these now in the Davies Alpine House. But why do they flower now?

Marianne North's painting methods revealed

by: Emma Le Cornu, Library, Art and Archives blog
28 Jul 2011

The Marianne North Gallery was officially re-opened earlier this year after conservation of the gallery and the paintings. Research and analysis into Marianne North’s painting materials and techniques has now also been completed, revealing the secrets behind her paintings and providing a fascinating  insight into her methods.

Start At Kew

Start@Kew, a fun-filled interactive family eco-extravaganza!

Start, an initiative by HRH The Prince of Wales to inspire the UK public to take simple steps towards achieving more sustainable living, is delighted to announce Start@Kew, a five day event at Kew Gardens full of simple ideas to get you started.

Japanese Minka House

Come and see a unique live performance in the Minka House at Kew Gardens

Visit Kew Gardens on Saturday 30 July and experience The empty pot fills, overflows, breathe. A unique spatialised music and dance performance.

The Upper Walled Nursery at Wakehurst

The Upper Walled Nursery at Wakehurst opens to the public for the first time

Visit the Upper Walled Nursery at Wakehurst this summer and find out more about our work.

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