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Digging through the Directors' Correspondence: Letters from the Archaeologist M. Aurel Stein

by: Virginia Mills, Library, Art and Archives blog
02 Nov 2011

Read about our trip to the British Library's International Dunhuang Project, the amazing scrolls discovered by archaeologist M. Aurel Stein, and some of Stein's letters that we recently unearthed from the Kew's Directors' Correspondence archive collection.

Discovering your family tree at Kew Gardens

by: Stephanie Rolt, Library, Art and Archives blog
17 Oct 2011

With researching our family history becoming an increasingly popular pastime, Stephanie describes how the archives at Kew could help you to delve into the lives of your ancestors.

#AskArchivists Day with Kew, 9 June 2011

by: Kiri Ross-Jones, Library, Art and Archives blog
06 Jun 2011

Kiri explains how her team will be taking part in the international twitter event #AskArchivists Day and how you can tweet the team your questions.

An introduction to Kew's Illustrations Team

by: Julia Buckley, Library, Art and Archives blog
17 May 2011

Find out about the work of Kew's Illustrations Team and the world class resource they care for on a daily basis.

Adventure and discovery around the world with the plant hunters

by: Michele Losse, Library, Art and Archives blog
18 Feb 2011

Plant hunters frequently travelled across the world to discover new plants for science. Discover some of their adventures here with stories from Kew's Archives.

Roses are red, violets are blue...and human heads are sign of good luck!

by: Virginia Mills, Library, Art and Archives blog
10 Feb 2011

As Valentine's Day approaches, discover the unusual way Taiwanese aborigines went about attracting a partner in the 19th Century, and why plant collector Richard Oldham said the Taiwan mountains were too dangerous a place to collect.

Season's Greetings from the Library, Art & Archives Team

by: David Iggulden, Library, Art and Archives blog
22 Dec 2010

Merry Christmas and Best Wishes for 2011!

Settling into the Archives: catch up with our budding archivist

by: Sarah Cox, Library, Art and Archives blog
17 Dec 2010

Kew's Archives Graduate Trainee, Sarah, blogs about her fascinating work and the new skills she is gaining three months in.

Rust, smuggling and the Number 11 mango!

by: Liz Taylor, Library, Art and Archives blog
25 Nov 2010

Take a glimpse at the Museum of Economic Botany at the turn of the 20th Century, as discovered by our Archives volunteer in a recent addition to our collections.

Maritime mysteries and mummified heads - Mauritius corresponds with the Director

by: Helen Hartley, Library, Art and Archives blog
15 Nov 2010

Discover how an effort to improve my French led to an entertaining scientific journey to 19th Century Mauritius.

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