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Visit to the Arnold Arboretum Boston, USA

by: Tony Hall, Arboretum team blog
05 Dec 2011

The Arnold Arboretum on America's east coast is renowned for its autumn colour and old trees. On a recent visit, Tony Hall delved into Kew's historic links with the arboretum, through plants and plant hunting.

Autumn in the Bonsai House

by: Richard Kernick, Bonsai blog
21 Oct 2011

Richard Kernick shows us what's looking good in the Bonsai House - and what we still have to look forward to.

Desert flowers bloom

by: Richard Wilford, Kew at the British Museum blog
07 Sep 2011

Despite the far from Australian summer we have had in the UK, the plants in the Australia Landscape outside the British Museum have flourished. Some of the most colourful come from the driest parts of Australia.

Conservators care for tapa cloth at Kew

by: Daniel Barter & Cristina Liria, Economic Botany blog
15 Aug 2011

Two conservation students from Camberwell College of Arts have spent three weeks surveying barkcloth specimens from the Pacific.

Introducing the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens

by: Richard Kernick, Bonsai blog
10 Aug 2011

In his first post, Kew's resident bonsai specialist, Richard Kernick, introduces the bonsai collection at Kew Gardens. Find out more about the history of this unique collection, learn how the trees arrived at Kew and take a look behind the scenes.

Summer in the Alpine House

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
03 Aug 2011

The main flowering season for alpine plants is spring, but there are many mountain plants that flower in summer. You can see plenty of these now in the Davies Alpine House. But why do they flower now?

Tropical bromeliads in the nursery at Kew

by: Nick Johnson, Tropical Nursery blog
28 Jun 2011

Nick Johnson meets the Tropical Nursery’s very own bromeliad expert, Marcelo Sellaro. Find out more about bromeliad cultivation and get suggestions to try at home.

Alpine travels in Armenia (part one)

by: Kit Strange, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
13 Jun 2011

See some of the wonderful plants found by Kit Strange from Kew's Alpine team, as she travelled around Armenia to see spring bulbs in their native habitat.

Alpine success at Chelsea

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
26 May 2011

Kew's Alpine Nursery sent plants to the Chelsea Flower Show to be shown to the RHS Rock Garden Plant Committee - and three out of four received an award! Read on to see the what caught the Committee's eye.

Name that plant! Learning Plant ID skills at Kew

by: Gemma Bramley, Herbarium blog
11 May 2011

From 9 -20 May we're running the RBG Kew Tropical Plant Identification course.  Find out how our participants, who have travelled to Kew from all over the world, are getting on.

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