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Free events in Kew's Archives this January

by: Kiri Ross Jones, Library, Art and Archives blog
06 Jan 2012

Join Kew's archivists to hear botanists’ and plant hunters’ stories about their travels and cultural encounters and go behind-the-scenes in the Archives.

Watercolour of Everest by Fitch from Hooker sketch

Talk - Meet the conservator

Wed 25 January 2012, 2pm

Every month, join a member of Kew’s conservation team as they demonstrate and discuss their work conserving Kew’s historic collections.

Introducing our new Library Graduate Trainee

by: Debora Hodgson, Library, Art and Archives blog
09 Nov 2011

Read about our new Library Graduate Trainee and all that her role entails.

A gallery for the nation

by: Sian Davies & Joanne Seaton, Library, Art and Archives blog
24 Oct 2011

A new exhibition and a community art project - find out what's coming up next in Kew's galleries!

Discovering your family tree at Kew Gardens

by: Stephanie Rolt, Library, Art and Archives blog
17 Oct 2011

With researching our family history becoming an increasingly popular pastime, Stephanie describes how the archives at Kew could help you to delve into the lives of your ancestors.

The mysterious hanging diagrams of Museum No. 2

by: Caroline Cornish, Economic Botany blog
09 Aug 2011

One of Kew's PhD students investigates the beautiful posters that once hung in Kew's museums.

Kill or cure? The perils of nineteenth century medicine

by: Helen Hartley, Library, Art and Archives blog
08 Jul 2011

The death of the botanist Henry Trimen in 1896 was said to have 'baffled' his physicians, but evidence uncovered in Kew's Directors' Correspondence archive suggests his doctors may have killed him – accidentally of course!

#AskArchivists Day with Kew, 9 June 2011

by: Kiri Ross-Jones, Library, Art and Archives blog
06 Jun 2011

Kiri explains how her team will be taking part in the international twitter event #AskArchivists Day and how you can tweet the team your questions.

Hidden Memories - the Archives' Oral History Project

by: Michele Losse, Library, Art and Archives blog
03 Jun 2011

Michele blogs about her work on the Oral History Project and how she is capturing the memories of Kew staff.

An introduction to Kew's Illustrations Team

by: Julia Buckley, Library, Art and Archives blog
17 May 2011

Find out about the work of Kew's Illustrations Team and the world class resource they care for on a daily basis.

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