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spring bulb map 2012

Spring bulbs and blossoms, 2012

Wed 11 January - Thu 31 May 2012

Come and see what's looking good in the Gardens at Kew, and find out more about the plants that are currently in flower.

The winter flowering Cyclamen coum

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
09 Jan 2012

It is said that you can have a cyclamen in flower every month of the year and January belongs to the diminutive Cyclamen coum.

Painting by Rachael Pedder Smith

Exhibition - The Pressed Plant, Rachel Pedder-Smith’s Herbarium Specimen Painting

Sat 31 March - Mon 07 May 2012

This new exhibition at the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art will display the work of artist Rachel Pedder-Smith, focusing on a painting over five metres long, completed using Herbarium specimens from Kew.

Fascinating collection of Ray Cowell's illustrations comes to Kew

by: Lynn Parker, Library, Art and Archives blog
20 Dec 2011

Read about a new acquisition of illustrations by artist Ray Cowell, who painted fungi in astonishing detail -  even including the teeth marks of hungry rodents!

An explosion of colour at Tropical Extravaganza 2012

Tropical Extravaganza 2012

Sat 04 February - Sun 04 March 2012, 9.30am - close

Ignite your senses at Kew's Tropical Extravaganza.
Discover amazing floral displays inspired by fire, air, water and earth.

Photo and map from archives relating to Joseph Hooker

Joseph Hooker - naturalist, traveller and more

Mon 26 December 2011 - Mon 09 April 2012

This exhibition in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art displays paintings, letters, photographs and sketchbooks by Sir Joseph Hooker, from the collections at Kew.

Encephalartos woodii

Plants in Peril exhibition

Mon 26 December 2011 - Sun 18 March 2012

This exhibition in the Shirley Sherwood Gallery of Botanical Art presents illustrations of endangered plants from over thirty countries around the world.

Kew's Temperate House

Walks and tours - Introduction to the Gardens

Mon 26 December 2011 - Sun 23 December 2012

Gain an insight into Kew’s history, plants, science and seasonal highlights. Every day of the year except 24 & 25 December.

Early daffs...and more!

by: Richard Wilford, Alpine and Rock Garden team blog
05 Dec 2011

The warm autumn has encouraged some daffodils (Narcissus) to flower early in the Davies Alpine House - and there are other interesting plants to see there too.

Watercolour of Everest by Fitch from Hooker sketch

Talk - Meet the conservator

Wed 25 January 2012, 2pm

Every month, join a member of Kew’s conservation team as they demonstrate and discuss their work conserving Kew’s historic collections.

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