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Introducing the GIS Unit

by: Justin Moat, GIS team blog
03 Jan 2012

Find out more about the GIS Unit at Kew from Justin Moat.

Sir Joseph Hooker and the UK Overseas Territories

by: Pat Griggs, UK Overseas Territories team blog
09 Dec 2011

On the 100th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest botanists of the Victorian era, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, find out about the unique plants that he encountered on his visits to the UKOTs and how this experience influenced his theories on plant distribution, which he later shared with Charles Darwin.

Jonathan Timberlake reaches the peak of Mount Mabu

How Google helped Kew to put Mount Mabu on the conservation map

In the week that Google celebrates some of the new scientific discoveries enabled by Google Earth, Kew looks back to 2005 when a team of scientists, led by Kew's Jonathan Timberlake, found the hidden paradise of Mount Mabu in Mozambique.

Curse of the bamboo flower

by: Charlotte Rowley, Library, Art and Archives blog
22 Aug 2011

A letter in the Directors' Correspondence archive describes how the deadly prediction of an old Chinese proverb about bamboo flowering came true.

From Chelsea to Mount Fuji, the legacy of Veitch Nurseries

by: Virginia Mills, Library, Art and Archives blog
20 May 2011

Harry Veitch brought the RHS flower show to Chelsea. His brother brought Japanese flora to Europe. Find out more about the Veitch's from Kew's Directors' Correspondence collection.

Lychnophora humillima

Rediscovery of Lychnophora humillima

This curious daisy was previously found only once, over a hundred and fifty years ago.

C.S.P. Parish and the orchids of Burma

by: Katherine Harrington, Library, Art and Archives blog
27 Apr 2011

The Directors' Correspondence Team reveals the artistic talents of an amateur orchid enthusiast in Burma at the end of the nineteenth century.

Kew's latest field expedition to the Brazilian Amazon

by: William Milliken, Herbarium blog
12 Apr 2011

Watch the video and discover the reality of tropical fieldwork!  Kew's Tropical America team and Brazilian counterparts explore a remote corner of the Amazon, providing important baseline information for conservation planning and management.

Pressing plants in Bolivia

Kew's projects in Bolivia

In Bolivia Kew has been working with local partners to identify conservation priorities, to support the development of protected areas and to catalogue the extraordinary diversity of the country's Compositae (daisy) family.

Finding thriving specimens of a rare Caribbean shrub

by: Sara, Colin and Martin, UK Overseas Territories team blog
17 Mar 2011

Kew conservationists are thrilled to have identified a rare shrub at several previously unknown sites on Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean.

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