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Introducing the GIS Unit

by: Justin Moat, GIS team blog
03 Jan 2012

Find out more about the GIS Unit at Kew from Justin Moat.

Sir Joseph Hooker and the UK Overseas Territories

by: Pat Griggs, UK Overseas Territories team blog
09 Dec 2011

On the 100th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest botanists of the Victorian era, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, find out about the unique plants that he encountered on his visits to the UKOTs and how this experience influenced his theories on plant distribution, which he later shared with Charles Darwin.

Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly

Trust’s link-up with Kew offers hope for endangered butterfly

Specialists from Kew and Durham Wildlife Trust are working together to help save the endangered small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly in County Durham.

Pitcairn plant flowers at Kew

by: Marcella Corcoran, UK Overseas Territories team blog
13 Apr 2011

Although extinct in the wild, Abutilon pitcairnense from Pitcairn has just flowered at Kew Gardens for the first time.

Kew's latest field expedition to the Brazilian Amazon

by: William Milliken, Herbarium blog
12 Apr 2011

Watch the video and discover the reality of tropical fieldwork!  Kew's Tropical America team and Brazilian counterparts explore a remote corner of the Amazon, providing important baseline information for conservation planning and management.

Petenaea cordata

Petenaeaceae – a new family of flowering plants

A new family of flowering plants has been described to accommodate Petenaea cordata, a species of uncertain affinities.

Palmweb logo

Palmweb continues to grow

Palmweb is a growing online encyclopaedia on palms which now contains descriptions of all genera and about half of all palm species.

Everest sketch by Joseph Hooker, c.1848

Earliest European view of Everest found in Kew Archives

A sketch by former Kew Director Joseph Hooker, found in Kew's archives, is thought to be one of the first recorded views of Mount Everest by a European.

Michelle Payne

Marianne North: Her Botanical Paintings. An illustrated talk

Sat 05 March 2011

Michelle Payne will be giving a talk about her new book, 'Marianne North: A very intrepid painter', at the Way With Words literature festival in Cumbria.

Daisies find a new home in Kew's Herbarium

by: William Milliken, Herbarium blog
07 Dec 2010

Kew's vast collection of herbarium specimens of the Compositae (daisy) family is now rehoused in pest-free low-temperature storage in the new wing of the Herbarium. 

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