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Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly

Trust’s link-up with Kew offers hope for endangered butterfly

Specialists from Kew and Durham Wildlife Trust are working together to help save the endangered small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly in County Durham.

Seed conservation in the UK Overseas Territories

by: Tom Heller, UK Overseas Territories team blog
15 Aug 2011

Find out about Kew's seed collecting activities in the UK Overseas Territories. Through their seed banking work, Kew’s UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) team are helping to conserve plant life in many diverse and fragile habitats in these regions.

Cover of Kew Scientist issue 39

Kew Scientist issue 39 is published

Issue 39 of Kew Scientist, our science and conservation newsletter, is now available and has the International Year of Forests 2011 as one of its themes.

Schoolchildren studying a plant specimen

Kew to be involved in the new INQUIRE education project

Kew is delighted to be a partner in INQUIRE, a pan-European project which aims to reinvigorate inquiry-based science education.

Lychnophora humillima

Rediscovery of Lychnophora humillima

This curious daisy was previously found only once, over a hundred and fifty years ago.

Pitcairn plant flowers at Kew

by: Marcella Corcoran, UK Overseas Territories team blog
13 Apr 2011

Although extinct in the wild, Abutilon pitcairnense from Pitcairn has just flowered at Kew Gardens for the first time.

Forests and climate change in Latin America

by: William Milliken, Herbarium blog
18 Mar 2011

William Milliken explains how Kew’s science programme is helping to address the issues in this part of the world.

Finding thriving specimens of a rare Caribbean shrub

by: Sara, Colin and Martin, UK Overseas Territories team blog
17 Mar 2011

Kew conservationists are thrilled to have identified a rare shrub at several previously unknown sites on Virgin Gorda in the Caribbean.

Guide to plants and vegetation of Ica

New guides to vegetation and habitat restoration in Peru, produced by Kew and its partners

Promoting conservation, sustainable use and restoration of degraded areas in one of the driest places on earth

Oliver Whaley interviewing community member at Huarangal

Kew's projects in Peru

Kew is working with local partners to help restore degraded areas and conserve native vegetation.

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