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Small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly

Trust’s link-up with Kew offers hope for endangered butterfly

Specialists from Kew and Durham Wildlife Trust are working together to help save the endangered small pearl bordered fritillary butterfly in County Durham.

Jonathan Timberlake reaches the peak of Mount Mabu

How Google helped Kew to put Mount Mabu on the conservation map

In the week that Google celebrates some of the new scientific discoveries enabled by Google Earth, Kew looks back to 2005 when a team of scientists, led by Kew's Jonathan Timberlake, found the hidden paradise of Mount Mabu in Mozambique.

Curse of the bamboo flower

by: Charlotte Rowley, Library, Art and Archives blog
22 Aug 2011

A letter in the Directors' Correspondence archive describes how the deadly prediction of an old Chinese proverb about bamboo flowering came true.

Michael Way in the wild flower meadow at Beech Farm

Sowing the seeds of UK biodiversity - Kew’s Millennium Seed Bank launches UK Native Seed Hub

The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew launches the UK Native Seed Hub at the Millennium Seed Bank, Wakehurst – an initiative that draws on the Millennium Seed Bank’s extensive collection of UK native seeds, as well as its horticultural and scientific expertise to support the UK seed industry, conservation groups and other organisations working to restore native plants to the UK countryside.

Seed conservation in the UK Overseas Territories

by: Tom Heller, UK Overseas Territories team blog
15 Aug 2011

Find out about Kew's seed collecting activities in the UK Overseas Territories. Through their seed banking work, Kew’s UK Overseas Territories (UKOTs) team are helping to conserve plant life in many diverse and fragile habitats in these regions.

Start At Kew

Start@Kew, a fun-filled interactive family eco-extravaganza!

Start, an initiative by HRH The Prince of Wales to inspire the UK public to take simple steps towards achieving more sustainable living, is delighted to announce Start@Kew, a five day event at Kew Gardens full of simple ideas to get you started.

Safeguarding seeds in Kew's Millennium Seed Bank.

Kew Views - Why does plant diversity matter?

In the run-up to the International Day of Biological Diversity 2011, people working behind the scenes at Kew reflect upon the importance of plant diversity and how their work is helping to safeguard plants at risk.

Pitcairn plant flowers at Kew

by: Marcella Corcoran, UK Overseas Territories team blog
13 Apr 2011

Although extinct in the wild, Abutilon pitcairnense from Pitcairn has just flowered at Kew Gardens for the first time.

Kew's latest field expedition to the Brazilian Amazon

by: William Milliken, Herbarium blog
12 Apr 2011

Watch the video and discover the reality of tropical fieldwork!  Kew's Tropical America team and Brazilian counterparts explore a remote corner of the Amazon, providing important baseline information for conservation planning and management.

Plants and Climate Change

Kew Views - watch our new film about plants and climate change

Meet some of Kew's plant experts and find about more about the impact that climate change is having on the health of the world's plant life. Discover why plants have such a vital role to play in slowing the pace of climate change, and see how Kew's global science and conservation work is helping to carve a brighter future for both people and plants.

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