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The winter flowering Cyclamen coum

By: Richard Wilford - 09 Jan 2012

It is said that you can have a cyclamen in flower every month of the year and January belongs to the diminutive Cyclamen coum.

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Understanding colour for photographers

By: Philip Smith - 09 Jan 2012

Philip Smith shows you how your garden and plant photography can benefit from a richer understanding of  colour.

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Free events in Kew's Archives this January

By: Kiri Ross Jones - 06 Jan 2012

Join Kew's archivists to hear botanists’ and plant hunters’ stories about their travels and cultural encounters and go behind-the-scenes in the Archives.

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Introducing the GIS Unit

By: Justin Moat - 03 Jan 2012

Find out more about the GIS Unit at Kew from Justin Moat.

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Fascinating collection of Ray Cowell's illustrations comes to Kew

By: Lynn Parker - 20 Dec 2011

Read about a new acquisition of illustrations by artist Ray Cowell, who painted fungi in astonishing detail -  even including the teeth marks of hungry rodents!

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The holly and the ivy

By: Tony Hall - 20 Dec 2011

Tony Hall tells tales of holly folklore and describes the amazing variety of colour to be seen along Kew's historic Holly Walk.

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Kew magazine wins Garden Media Guild Award

By: Christina Harrison - 15 Dec 2011

Kew magazine's editor, Christina Harrison, recently attended this year's GMG Awards where her magazine scooped a prestigious award together with finalist results in other categories.

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Sir Joseph Hooker and the UK Overseas Territories

By: Pat Griggs - 09 Dec 2011

On the 100th anniversary of the death of one of the greatest botanists of the Victorian era, Sir Joseph Dalton Hooker, find out about the unique plants that he encountered on his visits to the UKOTs and how this experience influenced his theories on plant distribution, which he later shared with Charles Darwin.

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Early daffs...and more!

By: Richard Wilford - 05 Dec 2011

The warm autumn has encouraged some daffodils (Narcissus) to flower early in the Davies Alpine House - and there are other interesting plants to see there too.

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Visit to the Arnold Arboretum Boston, USA

By: Tony Hall - 05 Dec 2011

The Arnold Arboretum on America's east coast is renowned for its autumn colour and old trees. On a recent visit, Tony Hall delved into Kew's historic links with the arboretum, through plants and plant hunting.

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Specimen of Cladrastis kentukea

12 new flavonoids discovered in Kew tree

12 Jan 2012
In the 2011 International Year of Forests, scientists report the discovery of 12 compounds new to science in a tree growing at Kew Gardens.


Trees influence epiphyte and invertebrate communities

04 Jan 2012
Scientists have found that genetically similar tropical trees host similar species assemblages of epiphytes and invertebrates.


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