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The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew and Wakehurst Place are beautiful places to visit and to spend time, but Kew is also one of the most important plant science organisations in the world.

Without plants none of us could live on this planet; they produce our food, clothing and the air that we breathe. Kew’s scientists and conservationists work to ensure that the plants that create and protect our environment survive and thrive, and that plants’ usefulness for mankind is harnessed and enhanced.

We maintain the world’s largest herbarium, one of the world’s most important botanical reference libraries and probably the most diverse living collection of plants in the world. We also lead the Millennium Seed Bank Partnership, a global collaboration operating in more than 50 countries. It is the largest ex-situ conservation project in the world and we have already banked the seeds of 10% of the world’s plant species.

This extraordinary and important work would be impossible without the support of people like you. Although we receive around half of our income from the government, every year we need to raise as much again from other sources. That’s why we have launched the Kew Fund, so you can help support Kew and its vital work. You can support a specific area of our work (see below) or make a gift to support all the work Kew undertakes.

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MSBP and global conservation

Kew scientist collecting a rare plant specimin from a desert habitat

Each day the world’s plants are more and more at risk from threats such as climate change, deforestation, over exploitation and pollution. If we continue on our current path, we will lose a species a day for the next 50 years.

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Science and research

Plant specimen collected by Darwin

Kew is an international plant science research powerhouse. Help Kew’s scientists break new ground and support our work that inspires generations of young people to understand plants.

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Plants, horticulture and gardens

Yellow flowers in the foreground with Kew's iconic Palmhouse house in the background

Kew is the guardian of two stunning gardens. Help us look after our world class botanic gardens and horticulture. Inspire future generations to find out more about the importance of plants for all of our lives.

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Arts and heritage

Painting of purple flowers by Marrianne North

Our passion for art and architecture has endowed us with an extraordinary legacy of botanical and historical treasures. Help us inspire new generations with a passion for botanic art, heritage and architectural innovation.

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