The Government has set out its vision for the services that should be on offer for parents, children and families in the foundation years. Supporting Families in the Foundation Years describes the system needed to make the Government's vision a reality and explains the role of commissioners, leaders and practitioners across the range of services for families in these years.

The document summarises the Government's vision for the foundation years and explains why it is important to focus on child development and how parents and families should be placed at the heart of services. It also sets out the importance of intervening early and the role of different services, working together to ensure that children, their mothers and fathers and other key areas receive early help where needed. It also explains how we will ensure there are skilled professionals and strong leadership across the sector and describes how the Government is establishing a new relationship with the sector which frees professionals to do what they believe is best.

Supporting Families in the Foundation Years also provides the Government's response to the following reviews:

  • The Foundation Years: Preventing poor children becoming poor adults. The report of the independent review on poverty and life chances by the Rt Hon Frank Field MP;
  • Early intervention: the next steps - an independent report to Her Majesty’s Government and Early Intervention: Smart Investment, Massive Savings - the second independent report to Her Majesty’s Government by Graham Allen MP; and
  • The Early Years: Foundations for Life, Health and Learning. An independent report on the Early Years Foundation Stage to Her Majesty’s Government by Dame Clare Tickell.