All parents want the best for their children but as they grow older it can get more difficult as their learning changes and they want to be more independent. This booklet can help parents find new ways to coach their teenager, whether they are a parent, carer or other family member. It is not about telling them what to do, or doing it for them, it is about helping them find ways to help themselves.

This document is aimed at parents of teenagers aged 14 to 19 and addresses barriers to engagement (lack of time, confidence, not knowing how to help etc), to help them to stay involved with their child’s education in the later stages of the learning journey.

It provides confidence-raising tips and encouragement to become proactive in supporting learning, homework and revision and tools such as ‘conversation starters’ to encourage parents to have a regular dialogue with their teenager.

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  • Being Involved
  • Understanding
  • Lack of Confidence
  • Time
  • Happy at School
  • Real life experiences
  • Useful Websites