ERDF Governance, Partnership and Management

Legal and regulatory framework

The European Commission approved the Yorkshire and Humber European Regional Development Fund Programme for 2007-2013 on 7th December 2007.

View the Commission’s approval decision

The operation of the programme is governed by European Parliament and Council regulations, the following are of particular significance:

Regulation (EC) 1080/2006 on the European Regional Development Fund  

Regulation (EC) 1083/2006 laying down the general provisions on the European Regional Development Fund, the European Social Fund and the Cohesion Fund 

Regulation (EC) 1828/2006 setting out the rules for the implementation of (EC) 1083/2006

Regulation (EC) 539/2010 which amends Regulation 1083/2006

Cohesion Policy, Commentaries and Official Texts

Managing Authority

The Programme is managed by Yorkshire Forward on behalf of the Government, European Commission and the region. The designated Managing Authority for the Programme, however, is the Department for Communities and Local Government which has appointed Yorkshire Forward as an Intermediary Body under Article 59 of EC 1083/2006 to undertake certain management authority functions. The necessary powers were granted to Yorkshire Forward by the Government through a Statutory Instrument on 31st January 2008.

View the Statutory Instrument that granted Yorkshire Forward the necessary powers

View the schedule of Managing Authority functions undertaken by Yorkshire Forward  

View the description of the Management and Control system as required by Annex XII of Commission Regulation (EC) 1828/2006

View the Managing Authority’s website
View the Structural Funds regulation page of the European Commission's website

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Programme Monitoring Committee

Programme Monitoring Committee

The Programme Monitoring Committee is the partnership body that governs the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF programme. Chaired by Government Office, PMC draws its membership from Government departments, the European Commission and partners representing different sectors and organisations in the region. Information available includes committee membership and minutes from meetings.