ERDF Programme Strategy

The ERDF Programme describes how the region will benefit from €583 million from the European Union’s Regional Competitiveness and Employment Objective. The funding will boost economic performance in the region through investments aimed at increasing innovation, competitiveness and employment. It outlines the broad strategic direction for investment of this European funding up to 2013.

Download a copy of the ERDF Programme 2007-2013 revised in 2009 and 2010


Revisions to the Operational Programme

Since the Programme was negotiated with the Commission, the economic position in the region, like the rest of Europe, has altered markedly. In response, the Programme’s Monitoring Committee has sought to refine the Operational Programme on two separate occasions.

In July 2009, a request was submitted to the European Commission to revise the Operational Programme to include support for innovative solutions/new approaches to energy efficiency in low income housing, where this is linked to job creation and support for capital public transport initiatives, excluding mobile infrastructure, which enhance the economic competitiveness of key urban centres as indicative activities under Priority 3.

In its decision of 12th October 2009 the Commission approved that request and the Operational Programme has been revised and the figures in Annex C: Categorisation of Structural Funds for assistance 2007-2013 have been updated.

Download a copy of the Commission's Decision of 12th October 2009  

Faced with the effects of the significant economic down turn and the lack of match funding, the Programme Monitoring Committee decided in 2010 to seek further revisions to the Operational Programme to help address these issues. Following consultation undertaken in the region between 26th May and 7th July 2010 and discussions with the European Commission it was decided to seek to include further activities addressing adaptation to and mitigation of the effects of climate change within the scope of the programme.  Chapter 4 of the Operational Programme, which explains the Priority Axes, was revised to include the additional activities within the existing Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3.  An environmental report looking at Strategic Environmental Assessment of Proposed Amendments to Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme 2007-13 was produced by URSUS Consulting Ltd. The revised text and environmental report were subject to further consultation for six weeks between 12th August and 24th September 2010.

Download the Strategic Environmental Report undertaken by URSUS Consulting Ltd (Please note this document is 3.3MB and 170 pages) 

The Programme’s Monitoring Committee approved the proposed revisions when it met on Wednesday 29th September. The updated draft Operational Programme (2010) was formally submitted to CLG for submission to the European Commission for negotiation and decision on 15th October. In its decision of 20th December 2010 the Commission approved that request and the Operational Programme has been revised.

Download the covering letter to the Commission in October 2010 that accompanied the revised Operational Programme

Download a copy of the Commission's Decision of 20th December 2010

One of the requirements of the SEA (Strategic Environmental Assessment) legislation is that a statement is produced after the adoption of the amended programme. This post-adoption statement provides information to show how the Environmental Report was taken into accouint in the development of the programme,

Download the Post-Adoption Statement by Ursus Consulting Ltd.

Operational Programme Versions  

Download a copy of the original ERDF Operational Programme 2007-2013, approved by the European Commission on 7th December 2007

Download a copy of the revised ERDF Operational Programme 2007-2013 approved by the Commission on 12th October 2009

Download a copy of the second revised ERDF Operational Programme 2007-2013 approved by the European Commission on 20th December 2010

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Programme scope and financial allocations

The ERDF Programme operates across the whole Yorkshire and The Humber region. All investment commitments have to be made by 31st December 2013 with the contracted project spend completed by 31st December 2015.

Context and development

The Programme’s strategy was developed with reference to the UK’s National Strategic Reference Framework (NSRF) and within the context of the EU’s Lisbon Agenda for Growth and Jobs. Regionally it is aligned with the Yorkshire and Humber Regional Economic Strategy.

Priorities and themes

Find out about the programmes three region-wide priorities for investment, the specific infrastructure priority for South Yorkshire, the technical assistance prioirty and the two horizontal cross cutting themes.