ERDF Programme Progress

Progress update - July 2011

Yorkshire and The Humber's ERDF Programme 2007-13 has contracts with 70 separate ERDF projects. Cumulatively, these projects have been allocated £230.2 million of ERDF and have the cumulative eligible expenditure (ERDF and match funding) of £485.8 million. This means that the programme has contracts for approximately 44% of the total amount of ERDF available to invest. Additionally, project sponsors have submitted a significant number of further proposals for consideration. Information about contracted projects is available by following the link to ERDF Funded Projects below. Information about projects in development is available by following the ERDF Project Proposals link below.


N+2 Performance 

The European Commission sets spending targets (in euros) for the Programme to meet throughout its lifetime. It is important that the spending profile of the Programme is maintained as any unspent amount against target is returned to the Commission at the year end. In response to the depth of the economic downturn across the whole of Europe and the impact that the recession has had on Structural Fund programmes across all Member States, the Commission in May 2010 announced that it would reprofile the original N+2 spending targets. It has provided all programmes with re-profiled targets.

The Programme achieved its 2009 spend target and again in 2010. 

Annual Implementation Reports

An annual report that details the progress made implementing the Programme is submitted each year to the European Commission. These reports, which cover progress in the previous calendar year, have to be approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee before being submitted by the 30th June deadline.

The Commission examines each report, first to see that it is admissable and contains information requested in the provisions of the Structural Funds laid down by Article 67(2) of Regulation 1083/2006. Once it has decided that it is admissable the Commission then examines the content of the report as set out in Article 67 (4) of Regulation 1083/2006 and has up to two months to raise any issues with the Programme before it is approved.

The Annual Implementation Report for 2009 was submitted to the European Commission before the deadline and on 29th July 2010 they approved the report. This report for 2009 is available to download as are the reports from earlier years:


Reports commissioned by the Programme are available to download

Programme Evaluation Reports
Project Evaluation Reports
Other Reports


European Focus

European Focus is the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme's e-newsletter. To request the newsletter by email please contact Previous issues are available via these links


ERDF Project Proposals

 Outline Business Plans (OBPs) for projects seeking funding through the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Programme are listed here. OBPs are published initially for 10 working days to invite comments.

ERDF Funded Projects

To ensure that the investment decisions taken by the Yorkshire and Humber ERDF Competitiveness Programme 2007-2013 are open and transparent, all the projects that receive funding are listed.

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