Applying for ERDF Funding and Guidance for Applicants

Potential applicants should, in the first instance, view the Operational Programme document to see if their idea is coherent with the Programme’s aims and is covered by the Programme’s Priorities.

Download a copy of the ERDF Operational Programme 2007-2013.

Calls for Proposals

The third annual call for proposals was approved by the Programme Monitoring Committee on 25th June 2010. The call opened on 1st July 2010 and remains open until June 2011. This third call replaces both the second annual call that ended on 30th June 2010 and the call seeking projects to maximise digital opportunities.

Following consultation with regional partners a revised Priority Prospectus was developed that identifies activities that will maximise the funding opportunities and deliver the Programme’s Priorities. The prospectus is attached to the call.

Download a copy of Call for Proposals July 2010 – June 2011 and Priority Prospectus

The supplementary call for proposals seeking projects that adapt the region to or mitigate the effects of climate change closed on 30th November 2010. 

Award of ERDF funding in Yorkshire and The Humber is competitive. All activity has to be eligible to be funded but just because activity is eligible does not necessarily mean that the application will be successful. The Programme decides which projects to support using a range criteria including costs, outputs delivered and need in the region in order to make decisions.

Application Process and Forms

The application process has an informal enquiry stage and two official stages: Outline Business Plan and Full Business Plan. You can view an outline of the ERDF process.

Informal Enquiry Stage

If applicants would like some preliminary feedback on whether their project idea is something that would fit the ERDF Programme they can complete an ERDF Enquiry Form. This stage is entirely optional and allows applicants to submit initial project ideas on a simple form and receive early feedback from Programme managers on its eligibility and an early view on the possibility of it being supported, without commiting to the work required for subsequent official stages.

Download the ERDF Enquiry Form

Outline Business Plan Stage

This stage is compulsory and requires the applicant to submit an Outline Business Plan. Once this is developed to an acceptable standard it is then published on the Programme’s website  for 8 working days for partner comment.

Download the Outline Business Plan form (Word 97-2003 version)

Download the Outline Business Plan form (Word 2007 version) 

Full Business Plan Stage

This stage is also compulsory and requires the applicant to submit a Full Business Plan, complete the Full Business Plan Financial tables and submit the documents specified in the checklist.

Download the Full Business Plan form (Word 97-2003 version)

Download the Full Business Plan form (Word 2007 version)

Download the Full Business Plan Financial Tables

Checklist of documents to accompany Full Business Plans

2011 Revision to Application Forms

New Outline Business Plan and Full Business Plan Forms have been designed to smooth the application process for ERDF from the Yorkshire and The Humber Programme. The new forms were devised in Word 2007 using that software's functionality to support drop-down lists to make completing the forms easier. For users of Windows 97-2003 we continue to offer the forms but without the functionality of the drop-down lists. An annex is attached to both Outline and Full Business Plan Forms forms to provide the available options for each question. Applications should only use the new forms in future.

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ERDF Guidance

A range of guidance is available to assist applications. We recommended that you use the available guidance when preparing your application. Guidance does develop and change over time. We recommend that applicants download the latest versions from the website with each application.

ERDF Contracts

After a Full Business Plan is approved, Yorkshire Forward will issue an Offer Letter (contract) to the applicant. Yorkshire Forward uses one of four Offer Letter templates depending on the sources of funding used in the project. Further guidance on the templates,  contractual documentation and other information is available

Raising skills

Increasing the skill levels across the region is essential to tackling our economic challenges.