Disclosure Log

Important notice: Our Disclosure Log is currently under development, and not all information is available online.

For details of documents previously released under the Freedom of Information Act or Environmental Information Regulations please contact us on foi@Yorkshire-Forward.com.

Disclosure Log

This disclosure log makes available individual releases of information under the Freedom of Information Act (FOI) 2000 and Environmental Information Regulations (EIR) 2004, since 23rd July 2009, which may be of general interest.

Please note that the disclosure log does not list everything that has been released under the Access to Information Legislation, as some responses consist of large amounts of information that are not held in an electronic format. Where practical, we have scanned the documents concerned and made them available on this website. However, in certain cases the volume of files involved makes this impractical and we have been forced to provide the information requested in hard copy format only.

Duplicate Requests

We do find that a large number of the requests for information received are duplications of previous questions, so please review this log to check whether the information you require has already been made publically available.

The information posted does not include details of the applicants as the access legislation is applicant blind. Please note that the unique reference number applied to each request is not sequential.

We also make available details of the number of requests for information received by Yorkshire Forward.

Downloading and accessing files

The response documents are available in the Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF). If you do not have Adobe Reader installed on your computer you can download the software free of charge from the Adobe website.

Viewers with visual difficulties may find it useful to investigate services provided by Adobe in their accessibility resource centre.

Request reference Date of response Topic Request summary Information disclosed
FOI-1949  15/10/10  What We Do  Evaluation Reports of the following SRB projects  1949 PDF
FOI-1948  15/10/10  Expenditure  Funding to Marketing Leeds  1948 PDF 
FOI-1947  05/10/10  Expenditure  Funding for the cancelled 360º Extreme Sports Festival 1947 PDF 
FOI-1946  07/10/10  What We Do  Common Purpose invoices and correspondence  1946 PDF 
FOI-1945  09/09/10  What We Do  The Conservative Party and Liberal Democrats Party Conferences 1945 PDF 
FOI-1944  17/09/10  Who We Are  A copy of all 2010 FOI Requests  1944 PDF 
FOI-1943  07/09/10  Expenditure  'Leeds Love It Share It' Community Interest Company (LLSIS) correspondence and funding  1943 PDF 
FOI-1942  28/09/10  Who We Are  Yorkshire Forwards Gifts and Hospitality Register in 2007/08, 2008/09 and 2009/10. 1942 PDF 
FOI-1941  17/09/10  Expenditure  City Lofts, St Paul’s Tower and the National Centre for Popular Music in Sheffield 1941 PDF 
FOI-1940  07/09/10  Expenditure  Environmentalist groups monetary support 1940 PDF 
FOI-1939  15/09/10  Expenditure  Innovation Vouchers and Finance Yorkshire Ltd 1939 PDF 
FOI-1937  07/09/10  Who we are  Yorkshire Forward offices and rental payment  1937 PDF 
FOI-1936  16/08/10  Expenditure  Sowerby Bridge - Copley Valley Transformational Project funding  1936 PDF 
FOI-1935  23/0810  Expenditure  International Businessman's Forum at Scarborough sponsorship  1935 PDF 
FOI-1932  31/08/10  Expenditure  Overseas offices  1932 PDF 
FOI-1931  03/09/10  Expenditure  Overseas trips and expenses  1931 PDF 
FOI-1930  13/08/10  Who we are  Assets owned by Yorkshire Forward in Hull and the East Riding of Yorkshire as of 27 July 2010 1930 PDF 
FOI-1929  19/08/10  Expenditure  Forward Ladies funding  1929 PDF 
FOI-1928  13/08/10  Who we are  Assets and property owned, managed or leased by Yorkshire Forward 1928 PDF 
FOI-1927  06/08/10  What we do  Correspondence relating to the purhcase of Claypit Lane, Leeds 1927 PDF 
FOI-1926  27/07/10  What we do  Regional companies which participated in trade missions organised by Yorkshire Forward to the United States of America and Canada  1926 PDF 
FOI-1925  09/07/10  Expenditure  South Yorkshire company funding  1925 PDF 
FOI-1924  22/07/10  Expenditure  Corporate memberships  1924 PDF
FOI-1923  28/06/10  Expenditure  Companies who received Yorkshire Forward funding  1923 PDF 
FOI-1922  18/06/10  Expenditure  Bradford Odeon maintenance costs  1922 PDF 
FOI-1921  01/06/10  Who we are  Yorkshire Forward brand  1921 PDF 
FOI-1920  22/06/10  Expenditure  Vineyard and brewery funding  1920 PDF 
FOI-1919  23/06/10  Expenditure  Trade union activities  1919 PDF 
FOI-1918  28/05/10  What we do  Projects receiving Round 2 ERDF funding  1918 PDF 
FOI-1917  27/05/10  Policies & Procedures  Protection of Endangered Wildlife policy 1917 PDF 
FOI-1911  25/05/10  Policies & Procedures  Compulsory Purchase Order usage and practice  1911 PDF 
FOI-1910  28/06/10  What we do  Invoices and correspondence re Common Purpose  1910 PDF 
FOI-1909  26/05/10  Expenditure  Projects receiving over £1million in funding  1909 PDF 
FOI-1908  28/05/10  Who we are  Staff retirement and pensions 1908 PDF 
FOI-1907  17/05/10  Expenditure  Regional Skills Partnerships and Employment and Skills Boards funding
1907 PDF 
FOI-1906  13/05/10  What we do  Scarborough Inner Harbour mooring pontoon contracts  1906 PDF 
FOI-1905  24/05/10  What we do  Associated British Ports and Hull City Council port development correspondence 1905 PDF 
FOI-1904  16/06/10  What we do  Activ4life (A4L) activity conducted by Business-link South Yorkshire (BLSY) between May 2007 and May 2008  1904 PDF 
FOI-1903  08/04/10  What we do  Business Link Yorkshire accountability  1903 PDF 
FOI-1902  29/04/10  Expenditure  Yorkshire Forward land and property assets 1902 PDF 
FOI-1901  27/04/10  Expenditure  Companies receiving SFI or GBI funding 1901 PDF 
FOI-1900  19/03/10  What we do  Merchant Gate, Wakefield subcontractors, suppliers and consultants 1900 PDF 
FOI-1899  09/04/10  What we do  Whitby tourism  1899 PDF 
FOI-1897  15/04/10  What we do  List of all panels / preferred consultancies / framework agreements, plus their value 1897 PDF 
FOI-1896  01/04/10  What we do  Small businesses who started trading in 2009   1896 PDF 
FOI-1895  08/04/10  Expenditure  National Council for Graduate Entrepreneurship funding  1895 PDF 
FOI-1894  19/03/10  Policies & Procedures  Legal Services Panel tender document 1894 PDF 
FOI-1893  29/03/10  Expenditure  Our budget, funding, organisational structure and outputs 1893 PDF 
FOI-1892  10/03/10  Expenditure  Project investment in NE Lincs during the past 5 years 1892 PDF 
FOI-1891  11/03/10  What we do  "Humber Profile Raising” study carried out by TAS Communications on behalf of HEP in 2008  1891 PDF 
FOI-1890  30/03/10  Expenditure  Overseas travel  1890 PDF 
FOI-1889  25/03/10  Expenditure  Persons employed paid over £100,000, plus bonuses, pension contributions, over-time extras, ‘golden handshakes’, ‘golden farewells’ and redundancy payments   1889 PDF 
FOI-1887  25/02/10  What we do  Register of assets at AIDC UK owned by Yorkshire Forward and authorised AIDC UK to sell in July 2009 1887 PDF 
FOI-1886  16/03/10  What we do  Tender document for Yorkshire Forward Stakeholder Survey 2009  1886 PDF 
FOI-1885  18/03/10  Expenditure  RDA financial support for the engineering sector  1885 PDF 
FOI-1884  19/02/10  Expenditure  Derby semi-fast train service to Sheffield grant  1884 PDF 
FOI-1883  19/02/10  Who we are  Finance department structure chart  1883 PDF 
FOI-1882  26/02/10  What we do  PR/Communications for Humber Economic Partnership  1882 PDF 
FOI-1878-81  08/03/10  Policies & Procedures  Supplier invoices paid within 10 days (plus interest paid for late payments)  1878-81 PDF 
FOI-1877  10/02/10  What we do  Vistor numbers and hotel stay information for South Yorkshire   1877 PDF 
FOI-1876  23/02/10  What we do  Demolition information fo Nelson Mandela Building (Student Union) Sheffield   1876 PDF 
FOI-1875  18/02/10  Who we are  Staff resignations  1875 PDF 
FOI-1874  19/02/10  What we do English Partnerships Heads of Terms agreement and documentation  1874 PDF 
FOI-1873  05/02/10  Expenditure  Projects supported within Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council   1873 PDF 
FOI-1871  19/02/10  What we do  Communications sent/received to central government re the recession  1871 PDF 
FOI-1870  18/01/10  What we do  Child adoption in 2009  1870 PDF 
FOI-1865-69  18/03/10  What we do  Costs over the past 3 years including conferences, summits, lunches, travel etc to discuss policy  1865-69 PDF 
FOI-1864  08/01/10  What we do  Attendees and cost of of climate change summit in Copenhagen in December 2009  1864 PDF 
FOI-1863  21/01/10  What we do  Copies of communications with third parties re FOI-1856   1863 PDF 
FOI-1862  08/01/10  What we do  Funding to support volunteering initiatives in general and for the Olympics 1862 PDF 
FOI-1861  19/01/10  Policies & Procedures  Three highest scoring proposals for your Team YF Staff survey   1861 PDF 
FOI-1860  18/01/10  Expenditure  Grants to Garden Street Mill redevelopment in 2003/04  1860 PDF 
FOI-1859  21/12/09  What we do  Ownership of Phase 1 of Quays development  1859 PDF 
FOI-1858  11/01/10  Expenditure  Transport related professional service provision   1858 PDF 
FOI-1857  07/01/10  Expenditure  Investment in nuclear research facilities, clean coal facilities and regional airports  1857 PDF 
FOI-1856  23/12/09  What we do  Correspondence held on Apollo Leisure Group Ltd between Yorkshire Forward and Scarborough Borough Council  1856 PDF 
FOI-1855  23/12/09  What we do  Information held on Captain James Cook RN (Charity Trust)  1855 PDF 
FOI-1854  23/12/09  What we do  Correspondence re: Cargo Shed at Whitby Harbour 1854 PDF 
FOI-1853  25/11/09  Who we are  Marketing and Communications structure  1853 PDF 
FOI-1852  30/11/09  Expenditure  Pay and allowances for members who come from local authorities  1852 PDF  
FOI-1850  23/11/09  What we do  Denial of funding enquiry  1850 PDF 
FOI-1848  17/11/09  Who we are  Chair of Yorkshire Forward information  1848 PDF 
FOI-1847  19/11/09  Expenditure  CO2Sense payment to Propaganda PR agency for 'brand discovery programme'  1847 PDF 
FOI-1845  23/11/09  What we do  Sheffield City Airport grants and meetings information  1845 PDF 
FOI-1844  13/11/09  What we do  Bradford Odeon procurement regulations  1844 PDF 
FOI-1840  12/11/09  What we do  Promoting our region in the South East  1840 PDF 
FOI-1839  11/11/09  What we do  Technical and Professional Services Panel for Multi Disciplinary Engineering, Landscape Architecture, Architecture, Urban Design and Masterplanning 1839 PDF 
FOI-1838  17/11/09  Expenditure  Funding spent on location promotion on a local/regional level in the UK  1838 PDF 
FOI-1837  17/11/09  Expenditure  Funding spent on location promotion on a local/regional level in the UK 1837 PDF 
FOI-1836  05/11/09  Expenditure  Funding given to 2018 Football World Cup bid cities  1836 PDF 
FOI-1835  30/10/09  What we do  Sheffield areas of interest to Yorkshire Forward  1835 PDF 
FOI-1834  06/11/09  What we do  Bradford Odeon questionnaires  1834 PDF 
FOI-1833  30/10/09  What we do  Tower Works development developers and/or contractors  1833 PDF 
FOI-1832  13/10/09  What we do  Springdale Crop Synergies Ltd contract 1832 PDF 
FOI-1831  28/10/09  Policies & Procedures  Local food suppliers  1831 PDF 
FOI-1830  30/10/09  What we do  St Paul’s Tower, Sheffield documentation & funding  1830 PDF 
FOI-1829  22/10/09  Expenditure  Breakdown of the profit & loss items in the 2008/09 annual report  1829 PDF 
FOI-1828  01/10/09  What we do  Bradford Odeon documentation  1828 PDF 
FOI-1825  09/10/09  Expenditure  Directions Finningley Community Interest Company asset management & funding & Marshall Aerospace funding 1825 PDF 
FOI-1824  13/10/09  What we do  Public speakers  1824 PDF 
FOI-1823  19/08/09  Expenditure  Board member & CEO expenses  1823 PDF 
FOI-1822  16/09/09  Who we are  Yorkshire & Humber and East Midlands Industrial Development Board staff levels and costs 1822 PDF 
FOI-1821  16/09/09  Expenditure  Staff levels and costs  1821 PDF 
FOI-1820  09/09/09  What we do  247 Sheffield Road, Sheffield / Laycast Foundry 1820 PDF 
FOI-1819  10/09/09  Expenditure  Ethnic Minority Business Task Force costs  1819 PDF 
FOI-1818  14/09/09  Expenditure  Transportation costs  1818 PDF
FOI-1811-17  14/09/09  Expenditure  Marketing costs  1811 PDF 
FOI-1810  02/09/09  What we do  Grant and loan payments to Non-departmental Public Bodies, Public Corporations, Quangos, RDAs, public bodies & Local Authorities in financial years 2007-08 & 2008-09.  1810 PDF 
FOI-1809  06/08/09  What we do  Annual Report & Accounts for 2004-2008  1809 PDF 
FOI-1808  02/09/09  Who we are  Overseas offices locations & costs  1808 PDF 
FOI-1807  26/08/09  What we do  Grant and loan payments  1807 PDF 
FOI-1806  24/08/09  Expenditure  Expenditure & staff expenses  1806 PDF 
FOI-1805  18/08/09  What we do  Mailing list providers  1805 PDF 
FOI-1804  03/08/09  Expenditure  World Heritage Sites funding  1804 PDF 
FOI-1803  14/08/09  Expenditure  Senior management training courses  1803 PDF 
FOI-1802  11/08/09  Who we are  Language used by staff  1802 PDF 
FOI-1801  12/08/09  Expenditure  CEO & Board expenses  1801 PDF 
FOI-1800 07/08/09  Expenditure  Clipper round the world race funding  1800 PDF 
FOI-1799  05/08/09  Who we are  Staff on long term sick  1799 PDF 
FOI-1798  05/08/09  Expenditure  Personality payments  1798 PDF 
FOI-1797  05/08/09  Expenditure  Personality payments 1797 PDF 
FOI-1796 31/07/09 

Policies & Procedures

Procuring local food  1796 PDF 
FOI-1795 04/08/09 Expenditure Staff & consultancy pay 1795 PDF
FOI-1794 24/07/09 Expenditure Administration, expenses & bonuses 1794 PDF
FOI-1793 22/07/09

Policies & Procedures

Property framework & tendering 1793 PDF


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